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  1. If a smaller nation attacks you for no reason, you can just send them a white peace and they will accept
  2. i got you fam, so what you gotta do is go into the file "game" then open up ages, now what you do is you go to modern day and increase the population growth rate to whatever you want, if you need any help just quote me back
  3. yo wtf happened also post in bugs if you want a more appropriate response
  4. would be nearly impossible, he cant headquarter his newfound company/team of developers in his apartment, plus he sells a 5 dollar game that gets pirated a lot ); so how is he going to pay their wage?
  5. Only liked the post because your pfp is the C&C Generals logo
  6. you can always just call for a white peace, anyways why would an ally pull out of a winning war?
  7. yeah those trade deals are bizarre, countries will just go kamikaze and attack some huge nation for 1 gold, i hope this gets fixed
  8. The ideas wernt really thought out well, 80% of an army dying from 1 single bomb ?that would make the game so bland wars would just be a bunch of bombs going off and you might as well not even recruit soldiers same thing with landmines imagine 30% of your soldiers moving into a wide province and somehow 30% just dies. No hate i just simply dont want to see these things be added
  9. Dosnt have to be keplar it can be any other planet
  10. https://gyazo.com/3533e4c509e159e3ae645ef230145091 yeah
  11. damn i better get an alt now huh 😕
  12. ay dont feel all high i saw the fakeshiite guy like all your posts (also like my posts please 🙂
  13. damn you have 3 rep points but 48 posts, i thought i had it bad
  14. i disagree with everything other than using armies to assimilate and mobilizing your army easily
  15. seems so useless though, the only time you would really use this is if your roleplaying with someone and who are you going to roleplay with the AI?
  16. Didnt know there were so many native americans here
  17. Big task but do you think you can make it so the development levels of each country match those of the actual HDI in real life https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Human_Development_Index
  18. Im sorry but im not much of a mapper, if i had to guess what you did wrong was drawing the borders
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