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    Strangefancypants reacted to Sonicsweden1 in Political Parties?   
    Not really gonna work because of the older timeperiods and timelines has to be very closely the same as the more mordern ones. Also, making this would only give people who don't like the game another reason to call it a cheap copy of some of the Paradox games.
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Glisterr in Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO   
    How do i download this in real life?
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    Strangefancypants reacted to JustAnUser in Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO   
    Unfortunately, this scenario is not available for that plaftorm.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to KaMiKaZe in Age of Red Star   
    It's a good mod, but this background isn't good for my view.
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from princedemchugdongrub in Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO   
    How do i download this in real life?
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Tomato-Red in Population boom   
    Just like the title implies. 
    Will we be able to see small population booms that act like a disease spread but with pop growth?

    Kind of a discount way to simulate migration/population boom/over abundance.

    I tried it myself, but all I did was create new diseases 😄

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    Strangefancypants reacted to Liteskarr in Add the ability to change leaders through events!   
    Dear, Łukasz Jakowski
    Me and many content creators lack the ability to change leaders using events. Please add this feature. This will greatly expand the possibilities of your game.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to LildawgGaming in Small Earth Project   
    I decided to start creating large Earth Scenarios on the small earth.  Using the 1440 map as a guide, I made a small version of the 1440 map.
    I plan to recreate small versions of every FULL WORLD start dates.  Maps that don’t have the full world is a lost cause.  They would be way too small.
    Sadly, this is android, and if Lukasz doesn’t give an ability to release scenarios from android, then there will be no way for me to release it.

    Results from test:
    Also, I fixed Native American placements, it just isn’t shown in these pictures.
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Jaydanson in The 13 Colonies   
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Cherpake in Naruto Mod   
    Everybody knows about the anime called Naruto. But i just wanted to make the announcement. WIP, but i think i'll finish that in february/april. Just stand by)
    (I also got the HD variant of bg)
    For sure, there will be for about 2/4k provinces. A lot of s*it i've need to do.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to ii123321a in Supporting ideology rebels   
    Recently i did a challenge : spread communism across earth as soviet union.
    Now my problem was that in order to change the ideology of a country tou must firstly annex it and then create a vassal. 
    But what if you could support the ideology of yours in the country then they will laungh a revolution and if they succeed then they will create a vassal in your name. 
    I know this may sound really specific but it will add some more diversity and strategy in the game.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Globus in Improve Diplomacy System in AOC 2   
    As of now, I have been encountering a bunch of useless wars with nations much weaker than me, and even half the world away. I suggest that the algorithm for countries declaring war on each other be changed by...
    The AI being much stricter in who it attacks. Right now I have had countries as much as 50x weaker than me try to attack me, which ends up being annoying. Countries will rarely, if at all, attack overseas nations before Age of Imperialism. Then, when Age of Imperialism happens, Great Powers are more inclined to colonize and attack overseas nations. Landlocked countries will never attack nations that do not border them. Another issue I have found is that the AI is too strict on trade negotiations. I offered 100k gold once for one province from a friendly nation, but refused. However, if you give a country just 1 gold, they will attack any nation you choose.
    I hope you can fix this, because its annoying when this happens.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to MS1903 in More AI trade actions   
    The AI only want's sometimes to trade for making a coalition but it would be nice if a country also want's sometimes to buy a province from you and from other countries and that a big countries can send an ultimatum to you and the other countries.
    Sorry for my English
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    Strangefancypants reacted to followstark in Hire more employees   
    Let the man do what he wants. 
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Boblik in Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission   
    lmao big mess over here
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    Strangefancypants reacted to XGamer50 in Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission   
    Hello , everyone 
    Here is my first scenario made in Age of Civilization II
    This mission can be familiar for a few people 
    In fact, this scenario is inspired from a game named European War 4 : Napoleon made by Easytech
    It's the last USA mission 
    In this mission, USA is based in England, Spain & a part of France
    The First French Empire is with Switzerland to face USA but also the Coalition : Prussia,  Austrian Empire & Sardania

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    Strangefancypants reacted to Reich in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    Addon was transferred to other developer. You can check new topic of the mod:
    You can continue watch my personal activity only in topic of Norrvagen and my group in VK.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Shiite in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    No I dOn"t WaNnA wAiT tWo YeArS aGaIn
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Globin4060 in Rise of the British Empire (finished)   
    Morning, the 13th of November in 1250:
    It was a sunny morning when Richard walked with his son and some servants in the palace courtyard. Richard was already very old and thought a lot about the war against Morocco. Suddenly, Richard felt a pain in his chest and fell to the ground.
    He knew that he would die and he whispered to his son: "Please... finish my.. dreams... Richard."
    "Please, no father, don't die!" his son (his name was also Richard) said horrified.
    The servants tried to get a doctor, but it was too late.

    Richard I, king of the British Empire, died of a heart attack at the age of 69. Normally people didn't get that old back then, but in this case Richard was someone special.
    His son was shocked about what just happened but he knew that he will became the new king of the British Empire, King Richard the 2nd.
    Richard was sad and furious at the same time and he saw in Morocco a complicity in the death of his father.
    He knew that he would fulfill his father's plans and dreams and that he would act with an iron hand in the war against Morocco.

    The coronation of Richard II. took place in the Westminster Abbey one month later.
    From now on, when I say Richard I mean Richard the second (son).
    Source: www.wikimedia.org / Adam Bishop / CC BY-SA 3.0
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Luxx in Things That Should Have in the Game   
    Some ideas  for the game
    New Buildings
    They could prevent diseases,or reduce deaths.It could costs 7000 per building?
    Fast Travel troop's through provinces(only your pronvinces).10.000 per building?
    You can Store money for the future,or make bigger loans.5.000 per building ?
    Land Mines
    Kill 15-30% of the enemy army in the built province.3.000 per mine(have a chance of 30% to kill your troops too in the province)
    New Troops
    he could pass through 3 provinces,and deploy 50 troops per plane.dont know the price per troop
    Destroy 65-85% of the enemy army in the desired province.has a radius of 10 provinces...10.000 per bomb?
    Show all the troops in the province he is(even with castles){and if it is on the capital it shows all the troops from the country?overpower}8.000 per spy?
    New Mechanics
    Economic alliances
    Well..Divides the gains by country?
    Change the flag of the country
    You can export images from your computer,dont know the necessary resolution
    I dont know if some one already have thinked about all that things..
    By Luxx (Where's the Workshop?) 
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Łukasz Jakowski in These damned Emus   
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    Strangefancypants reacted to enexpi in Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)   
    Current Status: Not working and google deleting my progress with their author rights for the name age of civilization hit me hard. I recover one of the earliest version and manage to get update on it but lost motivation to finish it 
    Author: eNeXPi
    Link: Google delete that
    Patch 1.1 FEATURES
    a) Every Civilizion have a lot more Formable Civilizations options, some civs have option to pick their light path or shadow path... Check Dark Iron Clan on the picture below
    Some civs don't have option, they have one path I use their affiliation stats in the whole warcraft history Dark Iron Clan is just big example how they switch in history between Ragnaros (Fire Lord) after that they joined Twilight's Hammer and right now they are part of the Alliance
    Notes: I will try to work on events aswell but first I want to finish the two Scenarios I want. probably that will be for patch 1.1 finish 2 scenarios and uploading the mod/scenario.

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    Strangefancypants reacted to Wersjon in Anyone making a Keplar map with more provinces?   
    I'm working on Ashan map from Might and magic (I think you can call it other planet 🗺️)
    my club:
    Latest Picture:

    full map:

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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from domenico pisapia in Vassals   
    not yet
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Angel656 in Lukasz and AOC games vs. Paradox   
    cool new ranks
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