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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Augustan419 in a button that assimilates and builds buildings in every province   
    agreed, its so annoying to manually build workshops and farms across a nation
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    Strangefancypants reacted to ($Jake$) in a button that assimilates and builds buildings in every province   
    Just cut the middleman and add a button that assimilates all provinces and builds all buildings in all provinces. Perfect solution.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Chexier in Chexier's Present Day Mod - Modern World, but improved   
    Are you tired of playing the Modern World scenario which has no relations, alliances or more government types?
    Well, then I present you:
    When I played the Modern World scenario for the first time, I noticed lots of inaccuracies, such as Guernsey being fully independent, Somalia having a fully funtional government and Cuba being democratic. So, I've made this mod to make a realistic modern world.
    What the mod currently includes:
    United Nations Revamped UI Present Day scenario Renamed buildings, actions etc. New icons New soundtrack Mod size: 161 MB Less leaders, but more will be coming soon More excitement than Modern Day + NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30
    Fixed Aaland, Saint Pierre Buffed USA Russia-Ukraine relations Social Democracy and Federal Republic types of government New color palette! Fixed the Middle East (removed ISIS, added rebels in Syria) Nerfed communism NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30
    Balanced USA Fixed Egyptian-Sudan border Reduced the size of syrian rebels Buffed Social Democracy so it's a little bit less worse France is now a republic Changed the development and tech level of countries to reflect reality Modified Anarchy and Federal Republic NEW HUGE UPDATE: 2019/01/02
    Added lots of new governments (par. republic, confederation, etc) and changed the govt types of lots countries Added Novorossiya Removed Social Democracy Updated flags New leaders for Brazil, South Africa, Cuba, Ukraine and India Renamed some governments (Communism is now Marxism-Leninism, Republic is now Presidential Republic, etc.) Expanded cores and relations between countries in the scenario Updated color pallete NEW UPDATE 2019/01/06
    Added leaders for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Serbia Fixed flags Added events for some countries, focused on the current geopolitical situation of the world Removed the text file in /game/civilizations_editor due to this advice. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/07
    Fixed flags (again) The text file is back, since it's apparently necessary for the custom civ to work. Added two new ages: Solar Age and Space Age Cancer is no longer a disease Mars colonization events for USA Updated Age of Information to make diseases less likely and to lower game speed Updated Age of Tomorrow to make dieases much less likely NEW UPDATE 2019/01/18
    Updated the mexican president Added real army sizes divided by 50, for 10 countries Added Kurdistan NEW HUGE UPDATE 2019/01/23
    Now the mod includes the whole game folder (242 MB) Added the United Nations + renamed stuff (Credits to Vis Tacitus, I've used 2 of his 11:59 files). Modified map background to fix geography and add canals Added Panama Canal, Suez Canal and Kiel Canal Added icons for new buildings Modified graphics settings (Next update the UI will be revamped!) Added HOI4 cursor (Credits to Paradox Interactive, I don't own their content.) Added 1 more event Renamed Alliances Added music from SMM (Sabaton Music Mod) Added some new leaders Added more relations Fixed regions Added more governments: Theocracy, Military Junta, Islamism and Despotism. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/24
    Removed AoC.exe and AoC2.jar, to lower file size and to prevent pirating Added city icons from 11:59 (Credits to Vis Tacitus, he makes awesome stuff!) Revamped the user interface Fixed Artsakh Modified events to make the AI have an equal chance of choosing decisions in an event, to make the game more unpredictable Removed leaders and almost all scenarios to make the game lighter in file size. The only civ that has a leader is the US, but I will be adding more in the future (with a custom background). Removed Sabaton songs, they were not fitting with the theme Added 6 music files from Machinimasound, I will be adding more in the future though. Your game will now start in the "Brazil" scenario, change it to "Present Day". New font: Prototype! Nerfed New Russia Fixed continents and regions Added more province connections Added Bornholm, I will also be adding more cities in the future Borders are based on reality (what goverment controls them), not if it's UN recognised or whatever.
    Mod development has stopped for now, and I don't know when I will resume it.
    Mod is discontinued.
    (ModDB has the lastest working version. Download it, install it and continue developing the mod if you can).
    Recommended scenario:
    Present Day
    Recommended settings (for more realism):
    AA: 50%
    Game Speed: 50%
    Fog of War: Classic
    The rest is up to you.
    Feedback would be appreciated.
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any copyrighted content by Paradox Interactive or Sabaton in this mod. You may copy this mod without the need of my authorization.
    Join my club:



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    Strangefancypants reacted to Future mapper in the division of byzantine empire (1204)   
    maybe all world ? 
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    Strangefancypants reacted to ITurkishmapping in Downloadable editor   
    it will maybe released in jan 2019(map editor)
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Happy new year!   
    Happy new year! 😜 🎆
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    Strangefancypants reacted to UnkinkingList in Multiplayer   
    Please add multiplayer to the next update.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to UnkinkingList in Multiplayer   
    well then we gave our idea about multiplayer, I hope they see the post.
    Thanks to all who helped with the idea = D
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from UnkinkingList in Multiplayer   
    You got played by the AI my man
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from UnkinkingList in Multiplayer   
    Multiplayer sounds great but you can bribe huge factions to attack another faction for as little as 1000 gold, so on that note i agree its a little too early to make multiplayer
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from Malcev in The old gods (Alpha 01)   
    Macedonian empire reunited by Strangefancypants the Great
    -400% AI Agression
    -Legendary difficulty      
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from ShouldIStayOrShouldIGo in Better economical system ideas   
    I dont think even leaders change
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Pierrot69stf in Better economical system ideas   
    I think the game should have more advanced economic systems. We could have primary resources like food, iron,oil,etc... depending on the age. that would be needed for the industry and so the economical developpement :
    -food that let population grownth, happiness and health stay constant. Lack of food will result in death of population, easier dieases and revolt risks. Availaible in regions that can support agriculture ( not in toundra, jungle, desert or mountains for exemple)
    -rescources that will come from you're territories ( ex : steel, wood, oil,...) depending on the landscape
    - manufactured goods : with industrial zones you could make, thanks to primary rescources,goods that will increase population's happiness and tech development or you can sell them to others civs.
    -more realistic trades, you could buy primary resources or manufactured goods or sell ones, same for food. A trade would last at least for 10 turns and will require roads : land or sea (so you could do some embargo with your army)
    -migration treaties, you could gain and lost citizens and you'll earn a bit of money thanks to tourism, that'll also improve relations between the two civs. 
    That's a lot but it would be awesome !
    Let me know what you think
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Fun in Any questions about editors?   
    Will you be adding a Ideology editor?
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Any questions about editors?   
    Any questions about editors? You can ask any question about editors in this forum 😄
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Boblik in Lovely Portraits Mod (In Development)   
    LPM is a portrait overhaul mod, meaning I'm going to redesign every portrait in the game, including future portraits.

    Mostly because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Maybe also to give to this community and to the game lol.

    Sure, go ahead. Use every portrait you wish, all I request for in return is credit.

    LPM is currently still in development, I am just one chap after all, but it's okay, you don't have to waste your time helping me lol.

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    Strangefancypants reacted to Kev_vyn in Attacking vs Defending   
    The defenders always have the advantage even without forts. This makes sense, and im not complaining about that. However, i feel like you should be able to cut off supplies in an encircling movement while you are on the enemies province. Currently supplies only work if they are on your province and you cut them off, but i feel like the same should happen on defense. This would add strategy to attacks instead of just moving forward with every unit on the border. Thoughts?
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from ShouldIStayOrShouldIGo in Attacking vs Defending   
    Your right it would add more strategy to the game, but i don't think it should be supplies that are effected, instead I think the attackers should have a 50% buff when attacking the surrounded army.
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    Strangefancypants got a reaction from SnowHalation1 in Better economical system ideas   
    Idk about adding all of that mainly because i like the simplicity of the game. But i do think the system can be improved 
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    Strangefancypants reacted to TheFirstHi in The old gods (Alpha 01)   
    I have a couple suggestions on the Korean Peninsula:
     Goguryeo didn't exist until around 37BC  Instead there was a nation called Gojoseon Okjeo was to the east of Gojoseon and there was a country called Jin to the south with Dongye being much smaller The Mahan confederacy did not form until around 100 AD the land was owned by a country named JIn at the time Most of the land above Gojoseon and Okjeo were owned by the Horde tribes of Buyeo Here is the Wikipedia article that has a map of the are around 108 BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojoseon#Proto–Three_Kingdoms
    Would love to hear your thoughts on these differences.
    Edit: I know you said this is a work in progress and I forgot to say how good it looks so far and it looks like you put a lot of time and work into it! I look forward to seeing continued progress.
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    Strangefancypants reacted to Malcev in The old gods (Alpha 01)   
    A mod that adds antiquity 
    is in development


    In my plans
    New rulers
    New ideologies
    Formed nations
    Redesigned interface
    Scenarios from 4000 to the fall of Rome
    Themed music

    Currently only one playable scenario is available:

    mf300BC Alpha01.rar
    Transfer the contents of the archive into the folder with the game
    177 civilizations. 77 of them are new.
    One new ideology - Roman Republic
    Several formed nations.
    Fully playable vanilla scenario

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