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  1. ElectricSquid7

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    Not necessarily, if a leader's reign ends and there's no leader immediately following them then there can just be no leader in that period lol
  2. ElectricSquid7

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    I'm not sure what you're on about, all I'm suggesting is that leaders can have set dates of when they come to power and leave power. It could even be edited for custom leaders.
  3. ElectricSquid7

    Leader death dates?

    I suggested reign dates in another post, didn't get much traction tho. I do think it would be good to have start and end dates for a leader's reign.
  4. ElectricSquid7

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    Not sure how busy he is, and I certainly wouldn't want to bother him, but I certainly think it would be a good idea to clean up some of the leader gore we tend to get
  5. ElectricSquid7

    The Champions

  6. ElectricSquid7

    Suggest for Leaders: Reign Dates

    Have you ever found the wrong leader shows up for the wrong scenario? The current mechanic the game uses is that is chooses the leader born closest to the date of the scenario. However, I suggest introducing Reign Dates - start and end dates for a leader's reign. Say, for example, you had Wilhelm II of Germany as a leader. Wilhelm was born in 1856, but you had a scenario set in 1880. In real history, Wilhelm didn't come to power until 1888. However, in this scenario, Wilhelm would be the leader of Germany due to his birthdate. However, if you set the begin of his reign to 1888, then he wouldn't come to power until 1888, just like real life. Say you also wanted to add the end of his reign to be 1918 - come 1918, his reign would end. With the reign system, the problem of having the wrong leader for the wrong scenario would end. You could add ever US president, and because of the Reign system, they would each be able to take power in order. Tired of having Abraham Lincoln in charge of the US in 1836? The Reign system can end that! Now, what if you don't enter a start date or end date? The game could simply resort to its original design, that being the system of choosing a leader based on their birth date. I, personally, think this is a good idea, and I hope Lukasz sees it and considers it.
  7. ElectricSquid7

    Road to Hell : A European War 4 : Napoleon Mission

    sorry but that's wrong
  8. ElectricSquid7

    Glitch prevents me from using scenario editor

    I've recently downloaded two scenarios from my friend, Boblik, that he shared to me personally. After downloading them, I found that when I tried to open the window that had a list of all your scenarios, it took me to the main menu. This was an annoyance, but not detrimental to the gameplay, so I thought little of it. However, I soon found that this same instance occurred when I tried to open the scenario editor, rendering me unable to access it. Can somebody please help me out here?
  9. ElectricSquid7

    Dominio - Some weird alternate history mod I made

    u don't count
  10. I made a scenario I call Dominio. It's some weird alternate history I made, in which there is no one specific POD, but rather a separate set of events. Some notable things: -America, Canada, and a few other places are Communist -Britain underwent a Fascist revolution, causing the Monarchy to be exiled to Australia, where Edward VIII has set up a fascist-monarchy -The French Empire is back under Napoleon VI -The Qing is still around, albeit it did kind of explode -Japan took some puppets out of the Qingsplosion -Russia is democratic and just weaker overall, lacking all that eastern territory it was supposed to colonize -Italy hasn't unified -India was never successfully colonized, leading to the rise of the (fictional) Vijat Empire If you have any trouble downloading it, I'll be happy to help. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fd1nqNTtQ6UT1yQh9VEEGnM3_hHCjobw Screenshots:
  11. ElectricSquid7

    The Legend of The Lost Legion

  12. ElectricSquid7

    The Legend of The Lost Legion

    not even a screenshot, smh my head
  13. ElectricSquid7

    Japan's Empire

    waiting for this to resurface in 20 years lol