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  1. Can somebody use this map to make a mod or something? Bc I don.t know how to use editor map exactly....I am a fucking retard Ik... I made this map for somebody who want to make a new nice map. I am here to support the map cause 🙂 ''sorry for english mistakes"'
  2. I spend all day to do this and I got the same problem, when I change 4270 it's starting to crashed. anyway if I put 4269 it won't crash but the region remain broke as fuck.
  3. Make the map better than all game map pls...take some of my ideas to repair Lukasz map and put it on your european map...
  4. This is what you should fix bc the map will be better and more accurate...if you listen to one of your fan, you are the best. I can't fix these bc your editor is broken. If you remember I helped you with ideas on facebook, but I closed my account, anyway you should fix these regional problems to make the map looks better than anything. @Łukasz Jakowski Have a nice day and thx if you listen to me and read my comments.
  5. I am sorry to say but sometimes I am very sorry bc I tried to help and I spend 5 euros in this game, it's not the perfect game, it's fun, but that shitty editor makes me to blow my mind. I will not judge all of your work, but the editor is misserable and idk why the fuck you can't make another tutorial to understand all of us how the fuck works. And why the fuck the Editor has lag when you move, another shitty thing. Anyway idk If you will ever reply to my comments, but you should do that.
  6. everytime when I finally edit or add a region the game crashed for fuck sake why did you make editor so complicated...for fuck sake I want to make this game even better and I can't bc your programm comrade is very fucked up. I use your tutorial video and I made the same thing and doesn't work how I want...pls make editable more easier or fix your program or add it in game somehow.
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