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  1. When I tried to create a ww2 scenario that had events, and then make a Cold War scenario based off the ww2 start, I check back and the more accurate ww2 scenario is gone. Where did it go and can I get it back?
  2. You do realize it has been nearly 6 months since he said iOS would be done and nearly 2-3 months after he said it works. Honestly, I found this funnny.
  3. Okay, when it aoc2 was late, I was calm. I said that every game developer has a setback or two. That was January. It has nearly been 6 months since you said you would release it and nearly 3 months since you said it works on iOS. Every developer has setbacks, but they don’t have 6 month setbacks. So, what is the problem. It is not the App Store still reviewing the game, as it takes at most 1 week to review. Unless you lied, the game is done for iOS, as you said here and on facebook. So, tell us the truth and update us on progress, I want this game, WE want this game. So either tell us why it h
  4. And if I have already milked all of the replay ability that gamed offered?
  5. Last one for awhile, please respond in meme please
  6. Maybe I have been playing to many westerns but this sound familiar, and I don’t think it turned out well
  7. I’ll stop if you make me make an original meme
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