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  1. Future mapper

    Trade Request

    just translate it what is your language ?
  2. Future mapper

    Trade Request

    arent you know how cores are work ? if you are stay in a provience like 10-20 turns you have a core just look bottom tab you can see they have or not
  3. Future mapper

    Trade Request

    No this not If they have core they will never give you but if they didnt have core in provience you can buy it
  4. You have first member which is nt romanian what are you think about it 😄 ?
  5. atleast you dont need just play with hardest diffuculty with really small tribes or countrys if you do it before or dont want just create a scenario because we arent have so many moddes. But I recommended early middle age 796
  6. africa really need some works but it is good I love alt historys !
  7. Daha yeni geliyor Türkler yavaş yavaş
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