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  1. dont look at hre dont look at hre What ever it is good :d
  2. I have a idea maybe we can make islamist Byzantium
  3. More yugoslav war more more more !
  4. Or 2018 4
  5. yeni oyun başlatığında yanda zorluk filan ayarlarsın onun altında oyun modu vardır : hakimiyet ona tıkla ve teknojik zaferi devre dışı bırak
  6. early middle ages are fun and have events
  7. (Firstly sorry for my English)If you was watch aoc2 alpha video you can see trade zones which can be edit in map editor This was in alpha but deleted for some reason you can see in 3:34. Why this great idea removed ? I think it is removed because bugs atleast we didnt know about no bonus or something
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