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  1. @Kerems2434 Wow you all make good job. Are you gonna make something like a "demo" of this mod or you'll release it when it gonna be completly done?
  2. Reich you said it gonna be on March today is end of the march. What about that? HMMMMMM?
  3. Hello everyone. It's Addon+ Events Pack but now it's early soo there's only events to 1939 in one scenario but im gonna make more soon. Next version when Addon+ 1.5 release. Download (New Link because previous doesn't worked)---> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TXxskBhSosDBjeDUJFrNBsCjGaeahibG
  4. events of addon+ mod download pls?


    1. CCCP


      End of March It'll release.

    2. kaykygarry
    3. CCCP


      I released alpha.


  5. When it release?
  6. 1. Upewnij się że Kraj który ma dostać zdarzenie jest wybrany. 2. Ustaw wywoływacz Np: Jak chcesz zrobić zdarzenie dla 3 Rzeszy to ustaw wywoływacz na to że III Rzesza istnieje. Mam nadzieję że pomogłem.
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