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  1. Hello everyone. It's Addon+ Events Pack but now it's early soo there's only events to 1939 in one scenario but im gonna make more soon. Next version when Addon+ 1.5 release. Download (New Link because previous doesn't worked)---> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TXxskBhSosDBjeDUJFrNBsCjGaeahibG
  2. events of addon+ mod download pls?


    1. CCCP


      End of March It'll release.

    2. kaykygarry
    3. CCCP


      I released alpha.


  3. When it release?
  4. 1. Upewnij się że Kraj który ma dostać zdarzenie jest wybrany. 2. Ustaw wywoływacz Np: Jak chcesz zrobić zdarzenie dla 3 Rzeszy to ustaw wywoływacz na to że III Rzesza istnieje. Mam nadzieję że pomogłem.
  5. CCCP

    Addon+ Events

    I'm making Addon+ with events. Now only "Gathering Storm" but i will make soon more. And don't mind date of events i was just making the base. Dates of events gonna change soon.
  6. Sounds cool but you gonna leave it like before.
  7. Looks great 😄
  8. CCCP


    Hello 🙂 I want to make map but i dont know which do you want. It gonna be big soo please give me some idea.
  9. Oh sorry for no respond i forget my password. And yes of course if you want too.
  10. Can someone give me the Age_of_Civilizations.json file? Please, i deleted this file on accident.
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