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  1. Dear Sir,

    I waited a long time for your game and after buying it a few days ago I can say that it was worth the wait.
    However, I have been able to experience some bugs that have prevented me from continuing some games (including one for +1500 rounds) and made me fear that I could no longer continue playing.
    Fortunately, just as I am writing to you, I have noticed that the problems have disappeared, so if it happens again I will inform you of the problem.
    Arrival at the final question: having downloaded the game via the play store on my phone, would it be possible to download it on a PC (I guess on steam) considering the fact that I already bought it?
    1. tww


      steam and playstore are different thing...so you must buy it again in steam if you want play it on pc or just use android emulator..lol

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