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  1. Sorry i think i worded myself bit wrong, I ment i would prefer if colonies were puppet states in the scenario itself, when you start, because managing large areas is slow and hard, With bigger map even harder. Puppets can manage themselves, and war will be in less large scale as you dont need to worry about constantly checking Africa. And if you do want to gain control over puppet you can just demand them to be annexed.
  2. I hope that once you get into doing scenarios, That you turn colonies into puppets, they are already hard to manage if war begins quickly with default map, having them as puppets is better as if you sometime do want to take control you can just annex them anyways.
  3. Also i asume you already know but faroe islands are bugged, i cant invade them, There are also many other provinces that dont have borders, or the borders are not visible, making it seem like there is just one province, it gets really confusing so i hope these gets fixed.
  4. i would personally advice doing the same what addon+ did with the leaders, just remove them, they dont work at all with aoc2 as they live forever, dont change with ideology... and other stuff.
  5. What scenarios there's gonna be? will there be new government types?
  6. ww1 scenario still has Winston Churchill as leader of uk
  7. For longest time i ignored this mod due thinking it is not interesting, I gotta say now that i have played it that i was wrong, this might as well be the best AoC mod ive seen so far. It may not have as much content as others but the atmosphere of middle ages is top notch! It really feels like playing whole different game! there are little scenarios yet these scenarios has so much attention detail with each state. Even the map is fantastic looking! Absolutely fantastic work! 10/10
  8. Dont want to sound dickish and all but this mod feels very unfinished, mod of this scale should have way more scenarios, New government types, there are zero atm, The borders in many scenarios are wrong. + there are some provinces that trough you cannot go from certain positions. Civilizations that has weird names or some most obvious formations not added: Such as holy roman empire, German empire, Greater german reich for germany. However i understanding you are working hard on this and i hope updates makes the mod worthy. Atleast one + i can say is that the map itself looks great! 6/10 current score
  9. i noticed in the trailer that ww2 map image still uses the old one with errors, is that fixed in the final release?
  10. Will the colonies in ww1 scenario be puppets? Will the governement types also be fixed? unlike in the fate of the world mod, where communist countries are listed as democracies.
  11. Will there be most common and well known war scenarios? such was ww1? interwar period? Cold War, Weimar republic(world after ww1)?
  12. The 1936 Finland map is not correct, Finland used to have these territories:
  13. Scenario Kaiserschlacht crashes always early, the first first 1-20 turns.
  14. There seem to be no fix for that, what i did was simply: extract the mod folder somewhere, Search the folder with keyword "event" and remove all that you find. Then instal the mod, That way the events wont bother you.
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