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  1. Why is invading UK Main islands so easy? They dont recruit any armies and i can just march in as germany, Tested in 3 separate games. You should make event for uk to prepare for German invasion that recruits armies at the shores.
  2. I like you are focusing on perfecting one scenario instead of adding million scenarios and eventually canceling the project due pressure lol (not throwing shade at anyone here). You are doing great work, easily most detailed and expressive aoh2 mod yet.
  3. He doesn't seem to care do anything against it, So i can only assume he's fine with it.
  4. Will all these separately released scenarios be added to the next big update?
  5. I dont wanna sound like an ass, But as long as you credit the original owner, I would not call it stealing, Stealing is when you take something and claim it belongs to/is made by you. Addon+ is great mod to use as base for many modders, Besides, The dev of this said Addon stuff would be eventually removed down the line as mod proceeds.
  6. I hope you know what you're up to when doing events, I do not know much about them myself but I've heard they can be quite broken. Many mods has been canceled due events messing something up.
  7. Will Germany in 1939 (Blitzkrieg) be buffed? They lose to France almost 90% of time. You gotta give them way more troops, Blitzkrieg was Germany literally marching in. It's not really showing in the scenario.
  8. I think it's better to wait for Completed error free experience than get early release that would be mess.
  9. I would personally advise you to remove the leaders for maximum immersion, They add nothing to the game, And since they cannot ever die or be changed, They feel really off. Also will borders of Finland finally be correct in ww2 scenario?
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