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  1. 1815 scenario events are epic, Feels like not playing AOH2 at all but a whole sequel, Great work! I like to put AI Aggressiveness to around 20% , To have have lil bit randomness here and there.
  2. Russian empire in any scenario is just bit too strong, They should be weak enough for Germany to win against them but instead central powers will always get steamrolled by them, Even if you invite ottoman empire, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Austria to your side You will still lose against Russian empire...
  3. Or atleast fix the Assimilate in a row button not working, Sometimes it works and sometimes you have to do it even slower by individually selecting them.
  4. I know the default world map is not the main focus of this project, But could it still be possible to play it with all the improvements and scenarios from the rest.
  5. I was thinking of this system for civil wars to punish rapid ideology changing. Whenever changing ideology from similar to another similar: Repulic to democracy, Monarchy to constitutional monarchy, Happiness will always drop by 50% But you get fair change at recovering from it. However changing ideology to total opposite, Enemy of the ideology, Let's say Fascism to Communism it will trigger civil war between the two.
  6. Just asking if possible but it would be cool if you could build stuff on your puppet's provinces. Could help them getting stronger.
  7. I know this is small error but why is Vichy France called Vichy Mode? Hope it gets fixed, Sorry i'm perfectionist when it comes to country names lol
  8. Seeing Austria Hungary to fall into chaos is beautiful sight, Obviously more unstable countries like Austria hungary, Ottoman empire and Russian empire should deal with more frequent and stronger rebellions. Only fitting.
  9. I really hope WW1 Scenario will have just as detailed events and releasable nations as Your WW2 mod. I asume it will have stuff like collapse of Russia and creation of German puppet states, Collapse of Austria Hungary, Alt history for central powers victory, And if Entente capitulates German empire it will form Weimar Repulic.
  10. Why is invading UK Main islands so easy? They dont recruit any armies and i can just march in as germany, Tested in 3 separate games. You should make event for uk to prepare for German invasion that recruits armies at the shores.
  11. I like you are focusing on perfecting one scenario instead of adding million scenarios and eventually canceling the project due pressure lol (not throwing shade at anyone here). You are doing great work, easily most detailed and expressive aoh2 mod yet.
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