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  1. This is amazing, Now we only need ww1 scenario done in as great detail as this too!
  2. He doesn't seem to care do anything against it, So i can only assume he's fine with it.
  3. This looks amazing, I been waiting for ww2 scenario with multiple working events.
  4. Will all these separately released scenarios be added to the next big update?
  5. I dont wanna sound like an ass, But as long as you credit the original owner, I would not call it stealing, Stealing is when you take something and claim it belongs to/is made by you. Addon+ is great mod to use as base for many modders, Besides, The dev of this said Addon stuff would be eventually removed down the line as mod proceeds.
  6. I hope you know what you're up to when doing events, I do not know much about them myself but I've heard they can be quite broken. Many mods has been canceled due events messing something up.
  7. Will Germany in 1939 (Blitzkrieg) be buffed? They lose to France almost 90% of time. You gotta give them way more troops, Blitzkrieg was Germany literally marching in. It's not really showing in the scenario.
  8. I think it's better to wait for Completed error free experience than get early release that would be mess.
  9. I would personally advise you to remove the leaders for maximum immersion, They add nothing to the game, And since they cannot ever die or be changed, They feel really off. Also will borders of Finland finally be correct in ww2 scenario?
  10. All of those are impossible because those would require changing the base code of the game and since there is no open source it's not happening.
  11. This mod probably is for people who are already fast with with managing provinces and playing the base map, It's basically flaw with the game itself, There simply is no option to mass manage stuff. And i think nothing can be done without source code.
  12. i'm absolutely excited that the mod will have interwar period, I cant talk enough how much i love the scenario, It can get so chaotic with all the smaller nations in war on Russia's side. I also guess it's kinda challenge mode to try and survive as Weimar republic and not change your ideology to national socialism/communism?
  13. Will stats for Weimar republic in interwar period be very weak and in negative money? to fit with how weak and poorly managed the country was in reality.
  14. In ww2 will Germany be able to release annexed countries as reichskommissariats? And will Soviet union have all of it's republics in it separately as puppets?
  15. There is a bloody europe for that.
  16. I know this mod is mainly about the map, But. Will there be new government types?
  17. Can you guarantee this mod will be finished? You seem to have habit of doing big work, Then leaving it unfinished to some extend.
  18. RIP Addon+, Even to this day, It's the main mod i use And Until something better comes along, I will continue using it. Amazing work that set foundation for how future aoc2 mods should be like. Never forget.
  19. This is probably mod i wait the most, it's like update to original + finishing all the different flags. great showcase that not every single mod needs to be ultra grand in size, I always loved creating puppets in my games so different flags and ideologies finally adds well needed variety that many other mods lacks.
  20. Sorry i think i worded myself bit wrong, I ment i would prefer if colonies were puppet states in the scenario itself, when you start, because managing large areas is slow and hard, With bigger map even harder. Puppets can manage themselves, and war will be in less large scale as you dont need to worry about constantly checking Africa. And if you do want to gain control over puppet you can just demand them to be annexed.
  21. I hope that once you get into doing scenarios, That you turn colonies into puppets, they are already hard to manage if war begins quickly with default map, having them as puppets is better as if you sometime do want to take control you can just annex them anyways.
  22. Also i asume you already know but faroe islands are bugged, i cant invade them, There are also many other provinces that dont have borders, or the borders are not visible, making it seem like there is just one province, it gets really confusing so i hope these gets fixed.
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