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  1. a focus tree. like a real focus tree with no events. an actual focus tree tab.
  2. Mod still alive and well and it will propably come out very soon (im just adding the cities and then gonna edit the terrain types)
  3. example when the zombies attack your nation you will lose and the army of zombies is strengh

  4. example the walkers begin spreading at all world and your nation need survive and the walkers will have a army of 1M of zombies by province

  5. doo a zombie apoycalspe scenario with events and much more like the walking dead example all modern world with a zombie infection spreading and killing all world and the players need survive like a hoi4 zombie mod but is the walking dead universe at age of history 2 example the undead can spead and dominate this mode should add 20 events or more just for fun doo this scenario

    1. darkdeplayer


      i will give a idea of events example walkers noticed and you can act example close air ports and close sea ports and borders but this will high inflation but will help prevent the zombies

  6. Nice Mod! But my question is if you can fix the bordergore AI i mean atleast make it only able to take cores/provinces to form nations as for the rest of the territory it should focus on vassalizing it
  7. im working on a mod like this but with the ckii avatar mod map (not official post yet since i hate making those release date at a 10000 years later) i just started so it will take a while also the nations will be random civs since im too lazy to delete all my other tags just to make sure the only new ones are from avatar
  8. i think we should find the coding of the formables nations and just make a new tab on the editor list and change the code from form to release
  9. can you make the focus trees a seperate mod? i would love to make some
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