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  1. @Banana and @RyanOrleansII I will ask @Dave ☢ if he allows me to do so because if he closed the discord link, that must be for a reason if he allows me then I will post it.
  2. I dont know, but I hope so, I asked in the forums a while ago and Dave said there might be improvements
  3. @Surreal Strategist 1524 Done, just added your idea to the document.
  4. theres a file to add suggestion for the mod, its in the discord server Yep, there is a file to add suggestions, you need to go to the discord server if you cant add it just tell me you cant and I will add this.
  5. The last version I was told it was, was
  6. What I know is that there will be different backgrounds for the map, so for slow computers, you will be able to have a solid colour or if you have a good pc you will be able to have a realistic one.
  7. Quick notice everyone, Dave has made a document with stuff that is going to be in the mod, so basically, we (the developers) can add stuff in the document, and Dave will see what he thinks of the idea and approve it or not.
  8. For both, the answer is yes, it's not made yet but it will be in. Can't say when thought, but right now the versions is
  9. @Mikhailthecossackserb memososisi made a tutorial on how to do it I think. Also, what did you wanted to ask?
  10. I think that what you are saying is how to install scenarios into android, right?
  11. @Döpamine I can give you one(this will be the last time I do this, here it is: https://discord.gg/zBBTbd), but I'm not sure if there are testers positions.
  12. @memososisi this might be a bit late, but you can review it. Edit: just realised you did, no problem then.
  13. Maybe, not sure how that would work but it could be like a type of vassal(like other types like colonies or puppets) I don't know Most likely yes
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