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  1. @Ànex i Rux You could join the discord server and ask Dave there if its possible that you can be a translator
  2. Here I am with my personal acount, in fact if i say the thruth, when I first saw this post I also thought it was fake but then I logged on to the acount with the username and password that Dave gave me and I saw that it was a true post Proof:
  3. Let me guess, you are using the map editor 2.0?
  4. (it also happens with a map I made so if you find the problem tell us, and then I can fix my map.)
  5. Whenever I click the map the game loads for a split second the background and then it crashes at 0 or 1% loading.
  6. I want Soviet ReUnion. I want my civ colour to be: #e00404 (hex) From USSR with love Capital; Anywhere good in the former USSR (like not just in Siberia but like wester USSR at least)(Prefebarraly Moscow if it's not taken.)
  7. You can do that by typing in the command(after you said hi): "armyset 10000000" I believe that you need to put 10 times the amount, so to get 1M you put 10M soldiers.
  8. Yesterday when Dave gave me permission to allow new people to join I also asked what version the mod was(or something like that) but he left, although he was using his phone to do so, so his pc might not be working.
  9. For everyone that is asking about the discord, I have asked Dave if I can give a permanent link, but still got no answer, Edit: Dave has given me permission so here is the link: https://discord.gg/wkFwdsr
  10. @Banana and @RyanOrleansII I will ask @Dave ☢ if he allows me to do so because if he closed the discord link, that must be for a reason if he allows me then I will post it.
  11. I dont know, but I hope so, I asked in the forums a while ago and Dave said there might be improvements
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