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  1. The last version of the scenario has been finished, it will not receive any new updates because I can't find anything more pages to take information from, and now there are civilizations on all the continents
  2. I could help with Spanish. Also, I'm looking really forward to this mod.
  3. Starting work on V3.2: Which is going to center in civilizations in the fertile crescent, adding 6 more civilizations. After this 5 civilizations are finished, V3 will be released. If you want to see it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fertile_Crescent individual civilizations: Qaraoun culture Tahunian culture Ubaid culture Status:Done
  4. Starting work on V3.1: Which is going to center in civilizations in South Asia, adding 4 more civilizations: Mehrgarh Chirand Mundigak Brahmagiri Status: Done (will be uploaded with V3.2, which includes about 5 more civilizations) Next update will be on the fertile crescent. (Fertile Crescent)
  5. Will you also add rivers or at least rivers >1000km?
  6. @Salo_14 I think is because: 1) You didn't put the custom nations on the civilisations_editor folder or 2) You didn't put the nations name in the Age Of Civilisation file in the folder I mentioned above Hope that helps
  7. Some people might be thinking of how to change country at mid-game, well here is how: 1) When you want to change countries save the game(this is optional, but its recommended, because then you can go back to it) 2) Go to the main menu 3) Go to editor menu, but don't click in any of the submenus. 4) Go to New game, and then you can select civilization to play as. 5) Done! Disclaimer: Everything will be the same as you left it as except the armies. Video from my Yt channel:
  8. Added 6 more civilizations; making version2: In Ireland In Cyprus In North America (New Mexico) In South America (Colombia) 2 in the Caucasus
  9. Added 6 more civilizations: Asia: 1 in India 1 in China 1 in Japan 1 in the middle east. Africa: Added 1 in lower Egypt added 1 in upper Egypt
  10. Made a scenario of Europe in 4000 BC to 3500 BC, and you could guess that it was pretty hard to make as there isn't a lot of maps of that time, but I managed. The map I based it on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Europe#/media/File:European-late-neolithic-english.svg (I united the 3 Germanic tribes together and the Boian culture and Cucuteni together) V2 links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40th_century_BC (first) to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/36th_century_BC (last) You need to paste the text from the .txt files to the Age Of Civilizations file in each of the 2 folders. P.S. When I started this scenario I planned to make the whole world but I couldn't find any maps for the whole world, so if you find a map on the internet of the time era it will be useful if you could share it with me, thanks. Hope you enjoy the Scenario. Edit: Version 2 has been released, including 12 more nations, and now all continents except Oceania have civilizations; to see what's new see post below. Edit2: Just realized about this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5th_millennium_BC which includes a lot of more civilizations, if you want to see them in the scenario just tell me the ones that you want. Edit3: Iv seen that when one of the version gets downloaded the other one also gets downloaded, and I wanted to say that you don't need to download both versions, just one of them and if you want the second version you just need to download the second one. Europe 400bc-3500bcv2(older version).rar World 400bc-3500bcv3(old version).rar World 400bc-3500bc (final version).rar
  11. @tww The only time I received a peace treaty from the AI is when I was losing, and never when I was winning. I also created a new game ( I mean as reinstalled) and I copied the stuff I wanted like the formable nations and scenarios and maps to see if I can fix it.
  12. @tww Well, I could, but it will take ages and the bad thing about that is that they decide the stuff and not me, so they could just ask if they can give war reparation for example; and I think that they only send one if they are winning. It will be also nice if the command for peace worked.
  13. I got this weird problem that when I press the button to make peace negotiations the game sends me to the main menu, still there are a few moments when I can actually do peace negotiations but the chances are low, any help is appreciated. P.S. I don't know why its cause but it might be because I might have done something when installing mods. P.S.S. If you need like a file or something like the save game just tell me and I will upload it.
  14. @vendex_thegreatest I mean, you can chang it on the editor so it shouldn't be a massive problem.
  15. YES. I managed to make it work because I didn't know the game already had Novorossiya so I made a new one and a complex story but managed to make it work.
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