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  1. not yet, but is close he isnt anymore, but due to school there might be a slow down.
  2. Dave has planned that there will be a focus tree editor meaning all countries could potentially have a custom one. It will also be a focus tree per country per scenario, meaning that the same country will have different trees in different scenarios.
  3. Hopefully with our active method it will slow them down a bit for us to then start acting.
  4. Damn it, they are trying to invade us. Thanks giannis for the reminder. Seriously Oleg? Even here you need to announce that even here lol
  5. Yes No, but it should be close, hopefully Well, that was said in the 18/2/2020 so it should be more now
  6. I know for sure that it will be for android, but not about iOS. We dont know when it will release but we are just one version away I belive, in fact in the Discord server Dave publicly said that he needed translation for a launcher for the game so now you know what we are doing now. (That is in the development diary channel which is public) I dont now if its possible or not (to make them) but in the discord server we have a link to a spreadsheet where there are ideas and if Dave likes them he will accept them.
  7. Its more of that the main dev lost enthusiasm when the lock down started because of how intense and complex to mod new things in the game, although he has returned afer a few months of no activity from him (the server it self was actually quite active), also the discord is now even more active because 1) he is back and 2) we are doing some mp games of other games.
  8. And this user is another person of the administrator team but takes care of controling the messages and this users is also back so there is nothing to worry about Just a little update
  9. 1) There is no link, not even me or the other mod (I'm one of the two moderators) have it because Dave is the only one doing the coding and stuff and I'm sure the only one that knows how to code in java. 2) Mod is on hiatus, Dave is all alone during this quarantine because of the virus so he cant work on the mod as he has more important things to do, technichaly when the pandemic ends the mod making should be back although some of us have made some small mods to keep the people from the discord server entretained
  10. Comrade JP

    My MLP mod

    hm, I'm not sure why it dosent work, I can try uploading it again and I will try getting the new update asap once I finally have some time mlp mod.rar
  11. Comrade JP

    My MLP mod

    For anyone that wonders where the next update it, I'm having some problems getting the civs to appear in game, and I'm also doing a crap other things, and it seems not many are interested in the mod, which is fine, so if anyone wants the next version just reply and I will finish it and release it.
  12. Comrade JP

    My MLP mod

    Sorry for no updates, but I had some problems with my internet, although I'm making the next version, this one will have a civil war that might happen under ceratins conditions, and you can chose which side to support.
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