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  1. There is going to be royal family trees I think, but not sure about the other part. I believe its not a bug but more like an exploit because tribes have like a buff when getting technology so like instead of going just to 0.35 tech they go all the way. what is PUs? hopefully before the end of July, but not sure. yes.
  2. It won't only be stuff about ww2, would be more of a mix of eu4 hoi4 and other grand strategy games + the customization of AoC2(and the new customizable stuff that the mod adds like focus tress(hopefully Dave makes it customizable)
  3. Here, 1 day long again(i don't even know if I'm supposed to give the link or not) : https://discord.gg/mYBVfq
  4. Dave has been in hospital which is what I think the main reason the mod hasn't come out yet, but I think that by the end of July is going to be out.
  5. I can relate to that, I have the fact that each time is harder to bet a new nation in, I could suggest improving, but this will be for another version as the first one won't include many changes to the code.
  6. Oh ok, here is a new one that expires in 1 day:https://discord.gg/RcVhkH I think so, @Dave ☢ said that there was going to be an installer for both phone an pc I don't know about the first version, as it will not include changes like coding changes, but maybe in another version Which platform, pc or phone? because I have both, and it has never happened to me. same as the resources one, what I know about armies, is that it will have new types of armies like tanks and that.
  7. Yep, here it is: https://discord.gg/Pe6Pkmn
  8. @Dave ☢ said that it will be an installer, but keep a backup just in case it does change stuff.
  9. Status update P2: This has been said by @Dave ☢ In the discord server(some parts will be removed):
  10. Status update : @Dave ☢ has been in the hospital(not sure if he wants me to say specifically why) but he is OK now, and before that he made stuff for the mod.
  11. @Flarikku I don't know, I asked in the Discord server like the 30th of June and from what I know @Dave ☢ hasn't been in discord for this few past days. Maybe he is like finishing a few things before the release.
  12. Comrade JP

    Slow Time Mod

    The thing that it does is change how many days pass with each turn, so if the file says that for 1 turn it goes 10 days, to do a whole year it would be about 37~ turn, but if it's set up so it's 5 days it would takes 73 turns, the rest stays the same(you could also say that with a lower number you get more money than with a higher number in the same amount of time(time like months year, not turns)
  13. Comrade JP

    Remove player?

    You could form a union between the 2 countries that you are controlling(the one that you want to get remove should send the onion thing), and then release as a vassal the other country that you don't want, and then give them independence.
  14. Update from @Dave ☢ , last Wednesday, he said that the first public alpha will be released about the end of June. Not sure about version thought(this last phrase is just a comment from me).
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