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  1. Jak duży jest mniej więcej ten mod? W sensie ile będę musiał pobrać?
  2. If you can you should do, that wassals will do not revolt for example: British India, French West Africa, Belgian Congo or Dutch East Indies OR just nerf all the colonies. 😉
  3. British Raj is stronger than UK. That is unrealistic I think As my future Europe XD Can you fix this?
  4. When you run a game go to Editor and create scenario
  5. What do you mean by stans? (My english is kinda bad, sorry)
  6. Future Europe 1 20 Civilizations Year: 1297 Future Europe 2 22 Civilizations Year: 2240 Future Europe 3 50 Civilizations Year: 2222 DOWNLOAD ALL
  7. That is very nice scenario, but can you show us zoomed picture of Europe please?
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