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  1. i made it myself; i use a different one rn
  2. No it isn't I am updating it on discord; i am just not active on forum
  3. They can browse in the forums you know, we dont post our links. I achieved a community near 200 people with just doing posts with effort in reddit.
  4. Dude sending the link to every post is not a cool thing to do, please.
  5. WIP, I finished Angolan content.
  6. (DISCLAIMER: TRO DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH TNO, THEY ARE NOT CONNECTED AND TRO'S NAME IS JUST A COINCIDENCE WITH THE HOI4 MOD TRO) The Red Order takes place in the times where you experience the Cold War as its "coldest". But of course there is a little twist to it, some of the things didn't go like OTL thus caused things to get a little bit different and sometimes "quirky". General Features of TRO: -Manually colored portraits for each leader. -A brand new UI and new ideologies -New provinces to enhance gameplay -And many graphical changes to fit the atmosphere If you
  7. It is dead, I changed my PC. I lost the files ofc, I am not working on maps anymore; I didn't quit modding I work on other types of mods.
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