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  1. TTs

    1750 scenario

    The world in 1750 1585355833123ocmpdrth.rar civilizations_editor.rar
  2. What's happening here, I'm too lazy to translate everything
  3. Central Europe 980 This scenario represents what Central Europe was like in the year 980 according to this map: Screenshots: Download central_europe.rar
  4. why silesia has its ideology as tribal in scenario 962?
  5. TTs

    National Anthem

    Not problem
  6. TTs

    National Anthem

    National anthem: -This"Mod" add national anthems instead of music, the national anthems are from the following countries: -Sri Lanka -Italy -France -Senegal -Germany -Brazil -Russia -Tajikistan -Colombia -Place it in folder -music- DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11uJ-SGbXGPBt90nz6SDJs-Oo1ot_UBBu
  7. TTs


    + = Double egg­čąÜ­čąÜ
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