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  1. Look I’m sorry, it just annoys me that people are picking on him. I get why but give the guy a break from all the hate. Only one guy. Though I will admit I am annoyed
  2. Oh fuck off troll! And leave lukasz alone already I mean god damn!
  3. Don’t advertise your dumb game here. Leave
  4. Eyeless_Seth


    This is something that is scaring me. I know it’s coming out for iPhone but is it coming out for iPad too? Cuz for one I don’t wanna play on a tiny screen. And 2 I don’t own any sort of smart phone let alone an iPhone
  5. I’m very glad to see your ok, I thought you might’ve died. Can you at least tell us if you submitted it to apple yet?
  6. I’m...honestly worried he actually might’ve died. We Havnt heard anything from him in more than a month.
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