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  1. am have ideas scenario takes year 1990s after failed invasion Normandy ww2 Soviet Founded government puppet east European and West European usa like what trotsky come power scenario hope see event this scenario what invasion Normandy failed



  2. Any news about AoH3? 😥

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    2. wbladew5


      It's probably too early to ask a man who works single on a RTS game.

    3. sussolini


      the happening is

    4. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      is there are no aoh3, then make it!


  3. Any progress related to the application modding so that we don't have to count on that limit of 65,000 files?

  4. add scenario axis powers victory ww2 update Conquerors 2?

  5. There's no need to bother. We tried this with the topic "The People Deserve It". It didn't happen..
  6. Bu adam ufak bir Samsung telefondan tırmandı buralara

  7. Nope, this has no events. So nice 😄 Good job!
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