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  1. Oh yes, thats a mistake. Fixed now. Thanks for the report 👍
  2. I will announce the release date of the update at the weekend.
  3. I mentioned about the new updates in the main page of the topic. We'll add more formable civilizations and form.civ. systems with 4th update 👍 V1.2 is "The Dark Age" update.
  4. This mod didn't die guys. @kokakolabrooooo, @Ern and Vaux, @Ege Ceylanand me continue to do this mod. 👍
  5. Fixed over 50 connection bugs. Fixed some mistakes on the formable civilizations. Added 15 new scenarios, added Nile, Danube and Iberian Rivers. Added a new background. 👍
  6. @Dmitry BuntLooks nice 👍
  7. Thanks for the good post. 👍 I'm sorry if my comment was offensive.
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