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  1. You know its a EU4 - Extended Timeline Mod. So, there will be EU4 - Extended Timeline Scenarios but players can make more scenarios. Thanks for support. "ENDLESS SUPPORT" :D
  2. We finished the Fate of World: Remastered Edition, so we can focus to Conqueror's II now!
  3. Modder olmayan adam modder arıo xd
  4. One more racist... Lukasz should ban these idiot racist stupid boys from the forum as creator of this game i think. Right?
  5. So? People can play whatever they want. Maybe they will play Addon Middle Age Scenarios, and maybe some people can play PrussiaBoi's scenarios. It's not a problem I think.
  6. @Basileia Ton RhomaionUmm, when will you change the title xd
  7. 'Cause most of great mods made by Turkish and Russian Communities.
  8. Thanks, I know there are some thieve modders from Turkey, you are right. But not from just Turkey, you can find some thieves from other nations too. So if you can delete the "Turkish" word from the title, I will be very happy. Thanks
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