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  1. Current version of conquerors 2 download link, i can't find it.

  2. Nice to see the Turkish modders are so active at these days! Good luck 😄
  3. I am so happy to be a part your community and I am so proud to make your mod's scenarios variety a bit larger. 🙂

  4. Good job 👍 It's good to see the Conquerors Mod continue to have beautiful mods.
  5. Dude, you're putting a lot of effort even into just preparing this presentation. Congratulations.
  6. I am the founder of AoC2ModdingTR & AoC2ScenarioMakerTR and since 2018, we are in the community of this game with the name "AoC2ScenarioMakerTR". The name of our group was changed to "AoC2ModdingTR" in 2019.
  7. Good idea! Good luck 👍
  8. Please stay on the forum, Even when we have a discord.


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