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  1. AoC2ModdingTR - Volunteer Donations Guys, we opened our donation site from Bynogame. Bynogame is really a secure site that millions of people use. Usually in Game exchange (item, skin, etc.)) is used, but there is also such a feature of the site. First of all, I'll tell you what we're gonna do with the money. Our primary goal is to open a site on behalf of our Aoc2moddingtr group by taking a domain name. The site will be open to everyone and everyone mod, scenario etc. will be able to share his work. The site will also have the modes we plan, scenarios available for Early Access, every video will be posted to the site. Our second goal is to present the original game to the mod makers in our AoC2ModdingTR Group, and our third goal is to do the original game sweepstakes on our Discord server. So the money you give will never be spent on the use of one person. I would appreciate it if those who are going to donate would donate on purpose. Donations range from a minimum of £ 3 to £ 100. We expect your donations, whether small or large. Thank you all in advance. Donation site: Donation Link Thank you for your support. AoC2ModdingTR
  2. Hello everyone. Today, we have prepared a video for our friends who make scripts on android but don't know how to share these scenarios. Thanks to this video you will be able to share your scenarios in the forums. Remember to like the video and subscribe! AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc AoC2ModdingTR KeremShortest24
  3. Kerems2434

    Save AoC

    You're absolutely right ! ABSOLUTELY! We just need an update. Just an update where mechanics are improved and bugs fixed. You're absolutely right !
  4. La öyle diyonuzda forumun en çok rep alanlarında üç Türk var 😄 ama haklısınız genede bizimkiler geride.
  5. Look, there's a new map in our mode other than the game's own maps. Great Map Of Portugal. The Age_of_Civilizationsjson file in the Map Folder is also a text file in which the names of the maps in the game are written. If there's any other map that you've uploaded before, you have to write the name of the map that you've uploaded there in the same way. If you haven't uploaded another map, you don't have to edit it anyway.
  6. .json dosyasına girip bir göz at. O dosyada haritaların adları yazıyor. Eğer senin bu modu yüklemeden önce yüklediğin başka bir harita varsa o dosyada gereken düzenlemeleri yapman gerek.
  7. Yes, we didn't add music to the PC version, but Android has music. If the music is not playing, press the switch from settings to the next Music Key and the music will play.
  8. Fate of World Mod Released ! - NEW UI, 15 NEW SCENARIOS + 160 EVENTS, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW ICONS, NEW 256 IDEOLOGIES, NEW RELIGIONS, NEW GREAT PORTUGAL MAP & NEW MUSICS Hi, today we will release Fate of World Mod. It has a variety of things Including:New UI, New Map Background, 15 New Scenarios, 256 New Ideologies, 6 New Religions, Great Portugal Map with 338 Provinces and brand new musics. We have been making this mod for 1 month and we completed the mod before 7th November. We are happy because of don't making you keep waiting. I want to start this introducting video before you get bored: PICTURES: SCENARIOS: 6 DAY WARS: 7 YEARS WAR: 1530 (25 EVENTS): AFTER WW1 ALTERNATIVE (20 EVENTS): IF AMERICA COULD NOT GAIN INDEPENDENCE: ATILLA AND ROMAN EMPIRE (20 EVENTS): FUHRERREICH WW2 (20 EVENTS): CRUSADE 1st: MALAZGİRT WAR: WELCOME TO ANATOLIA! RELIGION WARS: RISE OF THE SELJUK EMPIRE (50 EVENTS): SYRIA CIVIL WAR: WW2 WITH EVENTS (30 EVENTS): WW3 WITH EVENTS (20 EVENTS): ICONS: UI & MAP BACKGROUND: IDEOLOGIES & RELIGIONS: GREAT PORTUGAL MAP (337 PROVINCES): NOTE: There is a guide text in downloaded folder NOTE 2: A fix will come tomorrow where ideologies will be regulated. NOTE 3: Android users need to make User Interface scale 1 from the Settings section to make use of UI, icons and interface. AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc LINK: -!! LINK IN VIDEO DESCRIPTION !!- AoC2ModdingTR Kerems2434 - Ieunal61 - Lim10 - Arda - M.İsa - Vaux - ModderPaçacı Fate of World Mod Group
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