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  1. 11 balls left. What you think guys should i remove these islands like Cyrpus
  2. I upgraded this small balls to bigger!⚽ Work Still In Progress!
  3. This will be for song HAHHAHAHA!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  4. I add some more balls.And im makeing a break (pause = saturday-sunday) I will start again in Monday-Friday.
  5. These are one of my first Scenarios i made. VS moive.mp4 VS movie2.mp4
  6. Ill do Europe in a nutshell with this map. I just downloaded white (blank) map and then i deleted some little countires and lands. WHAT DO YOU THINK WITH WHAT SHOULD I START FIRST TO TALK IN THIS MAP Russia Turkey Germany Sweeden Serbia This will be for Alterrnate Future Of Map (If i do that) Hungary Romania Greece England Finland
  7. Oh no i forgot to add spech XD Ill do it in WW2
  8. Ok guys ill try to do How could Hitler Won WW2. ONE QUESTION: Speak or Text? My microphone is really crazy and when i talk its like im childish. After that im making Alternate History Of Communism (Every Month. Some time it will be year) 1938 (IDK) - 2020. I was my first project i didn't finished. Thank you alot of guys i have alot of support.And would you like to say me was this scenario 1.Bad 2.Good 3.Little Better Than Good 4.Excellent.Maybe ill start project in today or tommorow ill see.
  9. Woah thank you i think it was dumb scenario it just haved 110 pictures ill do better next time!
  10. What i decided next - How could Hitler Won WW2 - About 1w WW3 - About 1w 5d Infection Scenario (IN WORLD) -About 2w 5d
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