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  1. DUDE FIX RESOLUTION DOWNLOAD MAPS FROM https://blankatlas.booru.org
  2. I just visited the site im going to make new project for 3 weeks coz ill have school problems. You know what i mean. - like tests
  3. Ok i finished my project. What do you think i pick up next? 1. BIG PROJECT= WW2 (Scenario 2) WW3 Napoleonic Wars (BTW i do not know alot of Napleonic Wars). 2. Altenranative History Of (Germany,USA,Serbia,Spain,France,Russia) (1900-2020) 3. Alternative Revoulution of ( IDK like USSR) 4.. Some small project - 1vs1 2vs2 ( or some war like yugoslav wars)
  4. Nice i always liked to find 1943 or 1944 scenarios they are really rare in here.
  5. World Borders wants to know your location.
  6. Thank you! I like for your response i need more peoples overhere can you bring some please? Anyways good Answers!
  7. America joined in war and Syria was part of UK i think XD so i maked them occupy again. i dont want to spoil who will win XD. I think i should ending added japan invading ussr beacuse they are getting worse: USSR. Axis powers let Africa go so they can take USSR. Soon im adding in axis powers some nordic countries.
  8. Here ill show you some pics that i last worked. These purple countries are not in war with USSR if you don't see what is typing on the board.
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