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  1. Basicly if u want no wars then bruh do not make alliances u don't know if France is going to be in war with Japan just send diplomatic relationships to everyone and build economics.
  2. There are literally built in hacks for game xd
  3. Wait a minute..... I remember there was a spam topic with AOC3 game for Lukazs to make and he said it's WIP so??? xdd
  4. I mean i think it's the one of the worst scenarios i made but still yet loool....
  5. The video has been removed by youtube for harassment.... As i know i typed in description that it's not real or meant to harras anyone since the first video??a
  6. Im working on new project and i have school stuff and other things i have to do so do the video is about alternate WW1 do not expect it's going to be ready for 2 weeks or so.

  7. The new video is out! 


    1. DespotMilan


      Thanks Lukasz!

  8. Wonder were he now...

  9. So im making a scenario Croatia vs Serbia where Serbia declares independece where Croatia denies that so the war broke out after Croatia won the Chetniks appeared after 1 year in the country Croatia. This represents a closer image of the Yugoslavia because in th Alternate WW3 from World Mapper i showed about every country,now im showing on the exact area of the war with more deatails i reached 305 frames since like 28th December. And yea if u don't know who i am. Im here know as DespotMilan but on the youtube as a video mapper is Communist Mapper Channel Link: https://w
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