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  1. So your wondering how to get skins in cs:go??! Here is your solution https://csgocases.com/r/7930873x5 Use this ref code and you will get $0,50 cents you have 2 available cases for $0,39 you can also open free case per a day! Have no credit card,paypal VIRTUAL MONEY??! no problem you can do it by buying credits with phone if you want! That is most aswome thing i see you don't need credit cards!
  2. IDC i just made yugoslav wars including some countries
  3. I did my pause now ON WORK im starting History of germany from (1800 idk to 2020)
  4. Haha Hitler Will Become Alive. Anyway nice scenario.
  5. Hello i want to ask is there any active mappers like uplodaed 1 month ago some kind of scenario so im alone mapper here and i want to ask is there any mapper so we can make our club alliance 🤣 and we can advertisement like i advertisement you and you advertisement me.Thanks for reading have a nice day!😏
  6. No this is yugoslav wars
  7. Aww! Thank you dude i really like my pc im just downloading games XD problem is that my internet sucks ;( but ok my pc rocks!
  8. I have bad and good news Good: Just got my new pc 500$! Bad: Sorry guys i can't back europe map in a nutshell :( ill do something other
  9. Thanks dude im boughting it tommorow in 12:00 PM if you don't know what is time in my country just type on Google or ur Searcher: Local time in Serbia
  10. Haha brate idi dole tamo gde su ikonice i videces da pise eng ili srb to trebas da kliknes i da promenis u srb (cirilica) nista lakse!
  11. Guys i have some type of pause (break) i will not work 1 week maybe ill do something a little bit but i will get new computer here are the speces Chose One What Is Better 1. Computer- (non operative sistem) (RAM - 8gb) (Grpahic Card - 1050gtx 2gb 128bit gddr5) (Proccesor - i3 2200 3,2ghz) (Cores - 4 logic 4 fizic) (Memory 240ssd) = 380 euro - dolar OR 2.Computer - (non operative sistem) (RAM-8gb) (Graphic Card 1050gtx 2gb 125bit gddr5) (Proccesor - AMD RYZEN 3 = 3,5ghz (turbo - 4,0ghz) (Memory 500hdd or ssd) = 430 euro -dolar
  12. I do that all in microsoft "Paint". - Every Windows Computer Have It.
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