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  1. He was online last time 27th April u are late and i bet in this link https://imgur.com/a/VZxrrhB that ur going to be responding to me after some months.
  2. A user by the name of xjento called me a yellowskin and praised hitler, he acts like a idiot and is overall just the most annoying member of the forums, I want you to team up with me against him.

    1. Xjento
    2. GMC_dude


      I hate taiwan and those idiot people on winnie's discord, that chink should die, Nazi is the best, btw where is your discord?

    3. DespotMilan


      Why u all post this on my profile? i got banned 2 times from PTR shiite's server bruh. I don't recommend  you to nvite me and what u want me to do?

  3. DespotMilan


    Bezi Stalkerman
  4. The site down because of OVH cloud company burned im sure somebody wanted to kill spider and slapped him on the server and boom it all burned. Btw i do not gamble it is just made for farming skins i just have let's say *Slave Labour* in which they don't even know check my @csgocasess instagram page there is where i aim for big stars.
  5. Basicly if u want no wars then bruh do not make alliances u don't know if France is going to be in war with Japan just send diplomatic relationships to everyone and build economics.
  6. There are literally built in hacks for game xd
  7. Wait a minute..... I remember there was a spam topic with AOC3 game for Lukazs to make and he said it's WIP so??? xdd
  8. I mean i think it's the one of the worst scenarios i made but still yet loool....
  9. The video has been removed by youtube for harassment.... As i know i typed in description that it's not real or meant to harras anyone since the first video??a
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