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  1. Nahhh, he didn't respond me lol.
  2. Well that looks like if in those WW3 scenarios where Turkey would join CSTO instead of NATO and wanted to war for their own purpose. Name it: Ottoman Utopia.
  3. If my channel doesnt blow up in the next 1 month im shutting it down. FR no point of making this anymore,im kind of running ideas i always do and quit something. Im not into it alot. I will shut my channel if i don't get atleast 1k per video atleast. But its not even up to views....

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    2. DespotMilan


      @Anglo-Dutch No,no it is just my + bonus earn for views. My daily views from 1200 views daily dropped to 170 views daily. It happened on May, and since then from my new videos my channel didnt recover and + i lose intrest in all this. Im about to run a instagram page about csgo things. It was made for something other i have 2.163 followers on that instagram account so i dont know i will update. Im currently on my school vacation and i really don't know but black does write on my channel surely.

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      And i usually edit music and upload on my second yt channel. Im not active in anything so much neither do i get the views.



      Lol anglo Dutch, Don’t even think it has 10.

  4. It's gonna be released soon.

    Yes if u ask how fast i did it is because i worked on it instead doing something other.

    And yes it is shit because it is made fast so i made an aftermath and future of WW3.

    Don't judge me just watch the video that is going to be released XD.

  5. WW3 sneak peak xd.


  6. Here its out !!!

  7. But u have luck im making the alternate countries in europe part 4. so u can try with some flags! But pls no HRE haha srsly XD
  8. But i love ur effort if u made it. Looks like an christian austro - german empire aka Holy Roman Empire xd
  9. Sorry pal but i already made a video 6 hours ago
  10. Made an alternate flag for Third German Reich on the video im working on. If somebody wants to use it here u go 1st type and 2nd type Probably gonna use 2nd. xd My yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDBcBkUpCOLx-eze3lY93Q
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