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    DespotMilan got a reaction from ieunal61 in Emu or EMO?   
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from MatrixeQ HD Mapping in Alternative World   
    This is sooooooooooooooooo unrealistic but.. cool.
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    DespotMilan reacted to MatrixeQ HD Mapping in Alternative World   
    Hi! I am coming with scenario Alternative World it just something weird and unrealistic
    just a scenario
    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u72zu2tm1qs1dt9/Alternative+World.rar
    MatrixeQ HD Mapping 

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    DespotMilan got a reaction from davidtjk in Łukasz Jakowski's nationality   
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from TomasC8426 in French Invasion of Russia [1812 Scenario]   
    I don't need it but actually you made it good here goes like!
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    DespotMilan reacted to TomasC8426 in French Invasion of Russia [1812 Scenario]   
    Invasion of Russia 1812
    Although during the 1812 Invasion of Russia Napoleon achieved tactical victories and entered Moscow, the campaign exhausted the French forces, demonstrating the weaknesses of the French strategy, shaking Napoleon’s reputation, and dramatically weakening French hegemony in Europe.
    This scenario starts in September 2 of 1812, during the start of the Borodino Battle
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p_9SpvFKTaXCOL6nA9QT9OW1uBTQuO0o  <-- .rar link
    https://drive.google.com/open?id=12L4UoOJNE8afAjbAL8Mv3BKHguzx9fAe     <-- .zip link
    Pics of the Scenario:




    Asia and Oceania:




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    DespotMilan got a reaction from Jay Marc barreras in modern world(remasterd)alpha 0.0.1   
    Thanks dude now i can do something with my life 😂
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    DespotMilan reacted to Jay Marc barreras in modern world(remasterd)alpha 0.0.1   
    alpha 0.0.1
    i make the modern day scenario look like interesting, i make the events start at 2020 and plan to the future for taking it to 2050.
    -syrian civil war(cringe map and i will update it in the future)
    -n.a.t.o alliance
    -c.s.t.o alliance
    -possible ww3 in korean war or usa vs russia
    -many events up to only 2020
    -form china as taiwan event
    (request in the comments for this scenario to be improve
    don't dislike it i made it for fun
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from Armolitskiy in World War ∭   
    Hello this is my first topic and first made scenario for you on this forum so lets begin
    1.Austria joins in Germany and they want revenge because of WW2
    2.Hungary joins in the fourth Reich and fourth Reich promise old lands from WW2 (and Transylvania)
    3.Holland joins on side fourth Reich and they promise defeating France
    4.Germany attacks Poland to back Gdansk from WW2
    5.Kazakhstan joins Russia and then Russia becomes republic country
    6.Russia attacks Ukraine and Belarus
    7.Sweden joins Revenge Axis and Reich promise Norway
    8.Schottland and Ireland gets independent and they attack England fourth Reich Helps
    9.Fourth Reich attacks Denmark for more sea permission
    10.Spain becomes fascist and attacks Portugal Marokko and Gibraltar (ON REICH SIDE)
    11.Yugoslav wars starts again Serbia wants to back Yugoslavia
    12.Greece vs Turkey war starts because of Cipar 
    13.North korea joins China
    14.Bulgaria helps Greece defeating Turkey
    15.Turkey backs Ottoman Empire +(Lands)
    16.Italy helps fourth Reich 
    17.China attacks Taiwan
    18.China makes alliance named PRC and allies with Mongolia,Vietnam and Yugoslavia
    20. PRC and Allies Attack Tayland,Kamboda,Philipines and Mynamar
    WW3 start for more help look alliances all attaccked countries made alliance

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    DespotMilan reacted to TTs in some more leaders ( for now just a list of what is being added )   
    you can add Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia in modern world
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    DespotMilan reacted to Kamal in World War ∭   
    This list also include Pakistan attacks India due to financial meltdown in their country and Islamic factions. Then the nukes are freely used. 
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    DespotMilan reacted to Shiite in Tiny World War 2   
    kek mobile peasants 
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    DespotMilan reacted to altairarc7 in egg   
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    DespotMilan reacted to Looshroom in Does anyone has the original Modern Day scenario?   
    uninstall the game and reinstall
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from Ilovethisgame2 in egg   
    When you click on this post and you think someone find easter egg in the game but you see that all says egg 😑.
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    DespotMilan reacted to ieunal61 in Ranks...   
    If I like this topic your rp will be 2.
    More rp=rank 
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    DespotMilan reacted to Erenyener in World War ∭   
    Mod android'de çalışmıyor 
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    DespotMilan reacted to Ilovethisgame2 in World War ∭   
    remove kebabers? xddd
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from ieunal61 in Ranks...   
    Hello im here new and i just started playing aoc2 and mapping can you please tell me how can i get some ranks like count or other ranks thank you for reading my post🕊️.
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    DespotMilan reacted to panin1949vova in egg   
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    DespotMilan got a reaction from ieunal61 in MY sugestion and MOD   
    Normal Sugestion: I want to say can you please add all pictures of presidents on countries 
    Crazy mod sugestion: so i wana say why you don't like add nukes or like bombing and stealing from other countries or adding something you can get vassal why i can't change to: Communist,Democracy,Public.
    AND why you don't add socalism 
    and i want to say why like i see switzerland becames: king or something but i can't change on king country?
    Im rip im saying really bad english language
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    DespotMilan reacted to MatrixeQ HD Mapping in "1949" - World Divided   
    Hello! This time i am coming with bigger scenario: "1949" - World Divided.
    Making this don't took so much time, to make it easier i copied Modern World scenario files and changed some names and started making!
    Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/udl7s72c09vdxao/1949.rar/file
    The Scenario is about starting Cold War.
    MatrixeQ HD Mapping

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