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  1. poszukaj se pliku govements tam się je robi
  2. hamhacker_exe

    WW2 Starts

    Nazi boi
  3. może usunąłeś jakiś kraj wtedy gra mogła się zbugować
  4. Zakon sam zrobiłem, a pozatym czy ten mod dodaje boosty dla rządu?
  5. until
  6. XD
  7. If someone makes a map about Mars, he can add this civilization 🙂 Mars Stronk.zip
  8. you must download "Theocracy mod" first
  9. Examples:Japanese RevolutionRome in the First World WarWhat if the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did not fall ....zip
  10. hamhacker_exe


    THE END IS NEAR Diseases.json
  11. This mod add new ideology - Theocracy (and small scenario but it is only test). the instruction is in the folder 😉 what is Theocracy: the theocracy was a system of religious orders, eg of the Teutonic Order. GOV.zip Deus Vult!
  12. What if Roman Empire colonize Amerika? join HG chat if you want send suggestions or help 😉 Click this link if you want join AOC MAP.zip
  13. most folders with scenarios are signed but some are not. I created the "Donetsk revolution" scenario and wanted to send it. unfortunately I can not find his file because it is not signed. Do you know how to find him or send it in a different way?
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