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  1. It would also be cool to see a branching out of scenarios in 1600 - 1800
  2. When you are promised an update on February 22nd but its now February 26th
  3. Honestly Ple2, Your scenarios are by far the most detailed and entertaining... keep up the good work man!
  4. Hey Glisterr, I was wondering if you could put the scenario folders in a google docs or dropbox as opposed to mediafire. No offense but the site looks hella sketch.
  5. I just wanted to ask if someone was planning on revamping the AI system. Also, is anyone planning to add actual abilities that the emperor of an HRE can do, etc?
  6. is there an actual purpose (other than cosmetics) for the UN mechanic? edit: grammar
  7. Can you post instructions on how to install the files into the game?
  8. Chihong, I noticed that there isn't a flags folder that comes along with your files. When I open the game and your map, some flags appear as question marks. Is this the way its supposed to be right now? Other than that, the map looks great and appreciate the work man!
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