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  1. Im getting Oceania vibes from United Federation. good job Btw
  2. Looking forward to the link
  3. If you're wondering how to create android scenarios, I don't know. I use both the PC and Android version to play the game
  4. go ahead, but its not very well done (the scenario I mean)
  5. sorry, this was my first map, and I have everything deleted. I have figured this out though, and in the future, I will include leaders and Civs.
  6. Hello All, In this scenario, the Sun disappeared out of nowhere, and sent earth flinging off into space. Without the sun's warmth, Humanity was forced to settle around geothermal areas in order to survive. Now, earth has found a new star, and has started to thaw. The various Technocracies of Earth must venture out into unclaimed land. Each one of them dreams of unification, but who will be the one to do it? this is incredibly inaccurate, but I attempted to put civilizations pretty close to geothermal activity. Yes, this would never happen, for a variety of reasons. This Scenario is n
  7. Well, a union is one option, but I prefer to Send Ultimatums (E.I, get a large army, demand vassalization, wait a few turns, and demand annexation) But If you want to go down the Union route, you need to get relations to about 80 or higher. (and possibly form an alliance, but i'm not sure.)
  8. Hello all. I am new to AoC2, but here is my first scenario, based on the book "1984" by George Orwell. I have added all three superpowers, as well as a buffer zone that all nations start at war with. I added the buffer zone to allow the nations to border each other more, and to add some variety. Currently, the rebellion has very little money and low happiness, so I wouldn't recommend playing them. - Brennernator (Im not sure about the leaders, message me if they aren't working, I know that they don't have portraits, but any other stuff I don't know) USE THE FILE INSIDE.zip
  9. looks good! but you might want to connect it to Africa, to be more accurate
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