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  1. Hi.
    I really want to make this game great again!!

    This game is so simple that veteran players get tired of it. And some players who had been making great mods quit this game😭

    Sir, please wake up and creat this game again. Please.......


    1. TANTAN


      Oh . Sorry , I made a mistake.

      I really want to make...→I really want you to....

  2. ↑ Android is available, but IOS is not available.
  3. I think we cannot create new mods. If you want to make them , you have to make new aoc2 apps including your new mods.
  4. Good work!!!!! I am waiting for your great Vikings map!
  5. Oh, he haven’t been trying to develop this game yet? Well all we can do is choose the successor of the developer of this game?!(lol)
  6. I think you should tell those meets the owner of this game .
  7. Oh! You will create new mod ? I am looking forward to the mod!!
  8. ヤッホー!! こんにちは!! 

    あなたは日本人ですか? 私は日本人(関西在住)です!!



    あと健康にはお気をつけてくださいね!! コロナが大変ですから!!

  10. When are you going to release this great map? Colona virus force us to stay home,so we need more games ! and mods!!!
  11. Lukasz! I want to make Japanese map with much more province,but I don't have my own PC!!

    Can I create the map? Or is there any way to do?

    I have an android tablet and a newest iphone 

  12. Well,does this mod use the map with more provinces you created? (Sorry for my bad English )
  13. hey! What is workshop ? Is it a new mod?
  14. Hi! How are you ?

    Your mod is very good! Thank you very much !

    If you think about the next version of this medieval age scenario , i think you should make another  events in this mod ,instead of another age scenario.


  15. Hi!  How are you !!😉

  16. Android version !? Yeah !!!!!😆
  17. TANTAN


    Lord of the rings map! And, The local map with many provinces . (Use local scenario such as old greek scenario , thirty years scenario ....)
  18. Very good ! This map makes local area scenario (such as Ancient Greek scenario ↑) more interesting!
  19. TANTAN


    Ok! I will buy aoc2!!
  20. TANTAN


    I have bought this app in google store for a year . And,i finally buy iphone the newest type!!!!!😁 But,i haven't bought this game in appstore.😯 Can I use this app in my Iphone without money ? Or i have to buy aoc2 again in appstore ? 😣😣 Sorry for my bad English.
  21. Mr.suzema, would you mind creating vikings scenario including russia, frank,seven kingdoms of england..... when you make next version ? 800-900year
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