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  1. I would like to know Łukasz Jakowski's origin, in what country does his live (and maybe his credit card number , just joking)
  2. let's check the save folder for your game (from steam library) go to AoC2, right click-> proprieties then on top: select local files -> browse local files (it will open windoes explorer) (from windows explorer select) i think: saves->game->earth->[randomfolder] you should see your saves, their names are like "1551897714098cjipjzvt" also there is a file named Age of Civilizations, right-click and edit. If there isnt your save file name (1551897714098cjipjzvt my case) you just have to copy-paste it, at the end add ";" just to be sure it will work. Hope you understood, if any questions please reply
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