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  1. Honestly, it looks like an old-fashioned game.
  2. Hey, bros (and sis). Can you tell me how to add a new language to AoC2? I know it's necessary that file should be in the *.PROPERTIES format. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey. Can you tell me how to change font in AoC 2 without error? I want to have DigitalDisco/Nasalization as the main font (I'm working at my own AoC 2 redesign). Thanks in advance! 🙂 image.thumb.png.2970147841dade188e75080166b37524.png

  4. Hi! I've come into an idea, which probably can be revolutionary! 😃 Łukasz didn't thought about controller steering, because "Who's playing computer games with joystick?". I play many games on my computer on the gamepad (FIFA, Euro Truck, FS etc.). I've chosen optimal settings for controllers, so you can play AoC 2 without a keyboard-mouse combination. If my idea met with Łukasz's approval, will it be possible that AoC 2 will be released on consoles (X360, XONE, PS3, PS4, NS)? 🤔
  5. Hey, Łukasz and you, AoC2 fanatics. I want to tell you about something which makes me nervous. As everyone knows, the "Diplomacy" button is the most important one during the game: thanks to it we can declare war on our enemies, make alliances and unions, declare non-aggression pacts, improve or even worsen relations etc. I really can't stand it when it overlays with the pause button, which ends the turn in inappropriate moment ex. I didn't do every move I had to do and it ends the turn, which makes my enemy takes advantage of my lack of the time. Can you, please, move the "Diplomacy" button be
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