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  1. Hi! I've come into an idea, which probably can be revolutionary! 😃 Łukasz didn't thought about controller steering, because "Who's playing computer games with joystick?". I play many games on my computer on the gamepad (FIFA, Euro Truck, FS etc.). I've chosen optimal settings for controllers, so you can play AoC 2 without a keyboard-mouse combination. If my idea met with Łukasz's approval, will it be possible that AoC 2 will be released on consoles (X360, XONE, PS3, PS4, NS)? 🤔

    AoC Gamepad.png

  2. Hey, Łukasz and you, AoC2 fanatics. I want to tell you about something which makes me nervous. As everyone knows, the "Diplomacy" button is the most important one during the game: thanks to it we can declare war on our enemies, make alliances and unions, declare non-aggression pacts, improve or even worsen relations etc. I really can't stand it when it overlays with the pause button, which ends the turn in inappropriate moment ex. I didn't do every move I had to do and it ends the turn, which makes my enemy takes advantage of my lack of the time. Can you, please, move the "Diplomacy" button below to the pause button? Thank you in advance. 

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