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  1. It's tutorial how to fix his map ;p, nothing important.
  2. I'll check that, when I'll be back from school (7 hours more ;p)
  3. Okay, have you added at least 2 provines to map?
  4. After creating first province there is chance that in editor_data\Provinces\mapAoC2_v2.txt is extra enter, try deleting it. it looks like this:
  5. #refresh are you still intrested in fixing it? @Fun
  6. There is weird bug with editor, that creates one extra enter on first province, try deleting it. Proporties in steam doesn't open map ;vvv I've opened map previously and i was waiting for it to open ;P, I've wanted to don't waste time and open game files.
  7. Upewnij się że masz wszystkie prowincje w update i provinces. W pliku config.json ustawioną ilość prowincji ID+1 pliki: w folderze scenarios: testScenario; Age of civilization. w folderze province_names: plik namese który w plikach ma taką samą ilość nazw co ty prowincji. w folderze data: regions
  8. update province, chck if it isn't ocean(continent) or sea province //if you've updated prov, sometimes changing scales help 😛
  9. Wersjon

    Water Borders

    Every game restart border with water disappear: Before restart: After game restart:
  10. is it bird? is it a plane? no it's monster from Age of Civilization 2
  11. Map >>> earth >>> Scale >>> 3/4/5/6/7
  12. I've got this, you were missing regions file in data folder, copy it from template. //it took me a while to find it out 😛
  13. I'll check if provinces are okay in map editor.
  14. It's missing scenario, copy it from template, with Age_of_Civilization file.
  15. Can you share me files? I need only map files. if not send me screenshot of "config.json", \data\provinces, update
  16. There is one free space in "editor_data\Provinces\mapAoC2_v2.txt" file, delete it.
  17. steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\UI\events
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