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  1. The map is looking really good! I wish you the best of luck with it. Also, small correction. I think it's Drina, not Dirana?
  2. Is it dead now? The cities won't be fixed and finished?
  3. Same happend to me, but i found a way to work around it. When u start your AOC2, first go start a new game, then exit to main menu and then load your game and it will be fine.
  4. Would you mind sharing the source of the photo that you used for all those provinces?
  5. This is an awesome map, however some cities are in the wrong provinces. For example Andorra La Vella or Neum. Andorra La Vella is in a Spanish province instead of Andorra, and Neum is in a Croatian province (it might look like its in Bosnia in the pic but it's not) instead of that small Bosnian panhandle (i marked with red dot where it should be). Also I hope the rest of provinces that don't have the cities will get them soon. Good map anyway, keep up the amazing work!
  6. The discord invite link is expired. Can you post a new one?
  7. Ryosuke17

    Load map error

    No idea, what i said above is the only way i know on how to "fix" it.
  8. Do you remember what that mistake was?
  9. Ryosuke17

    Load map error

    I had this same issue. Before loading your game, first start a new game and then exit it. Then try loading the game you want.
  10. Hi, I made a map and did everything as in the video but my game crashes around 50%. Can someone help me fix it? BiH.zip
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