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  1. Tincho987

    Ultimate AoC II Map!!

    X2, I want to know how big that map is
  2. Tincho987

    About Spam Accounts

    Ndeah me ponían a mi xd
  3. Tincho987

    How to create map (Step by step)

    I did it for photoshop, when I saw that photofiltre 7 did not work for me, I decided to divide the bg in photoshop by calculating half the width (example ?: 10 × 28 in width and that was divided by 2: 10.28 / 2, and I grabbed the selection tool in rectangles to select the resulting width
  4. Tincho987

    How to create map (Step by step)

    @Wersjon I thought about how to split the image into 2 and well, I did, but this bug appeared
  5. Tincho987

    How to create map (Step by step)

    A query @Wersjon, what command of keys or button did you press in the 6:00 minute of your video tutorial?
  6. Tincho987

    Starting work one of the best and most painful to make maps I've ever seen

    That 10% of the power of shaggy be with you
  7. Tincho987

    Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO

    The problem of leaders: It happens that when placing them in their respective countries, they end up being replaced by the leaders by default. Example: (instead of Reagan, it is Trump who replaces him) Solution? Maybe an update that includes the respective reign dates of each leader. Another may be to split the information era into 2 (which I find hard to do without open source)
  8. Tincho987

    Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO

    PROGRESS 1.5: - New Civilizations: Republic of Dagestan and New Russia. - Events (possibly few, no more than 5) - New logos in the ideologies. - The name of the United Kingdom was changed to Great Britain. - Leaders were not added because of a problem.
  9. Tincho987

    Argentina Provinces mod

    mall broda, en el juego original lo reemplazé por el mundo moderno enriquecido.
  10. Tincho987

    HOW TO SOLVE INFLATION(in sandbox mode)(solved)

    badd, I would eliminate the central bank and allow the free circulation of currencies. Inflation happens because of the exaggerated issue of currency, after that, the currency loses purchasing power NDEAHH LIBERTHARIAN
  11. Tincho987

    Mapa de México 0.0.3

    Explicame plis, como dividiste el bg y eso.
  12. Tincho987

    Mapa de México 0.0.3

    por cierto, viste que en el minuto 6:01 usa un comando para hacer el background _l y r del mapa, que combinación de teclas lo hace?
  13. Tincho987

    Mapa de México 0.0.3

    uhh que lástima, me guiaba siempre con ese video y su guía jajaja, pero pueda ser que el error viene gracias a que hago los mapas en otra computadora donde no está el juego xd