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  1. Yes, it brings new ideologies such as the libertarian (liberalism / libertarianism), the conservative (conservatism) and the original nationalist (nationalism of the 18th and 19th century, not fascist nationalism). For version 2.0 leaders will be added among the 3 ideologies, for example: José Huerta del Soto in Spain (libertario / ancap); Ricardo López Murphy in Argentina (libertarian), Rudolph Giuliani in the USA (conservative), etc ...
  2. wachos, vean mi ultimo post en escenarios, subí un ke scenario antiprogre
  3. I was missing something, so this is, and I swear, 100% content of 1.0 DOWNLOAD 1.0 full
  4. Hi guys, it's me back, I bring you a new scenario in its version 1.0. (Ironic text) Are you tired of left-handers (Marxists and fascists) being everywhere? I propose you this great mod! A mod that leaves the leftist paraplegic! Content 1.0: - there are only 3 ideologies: Libertarism/liberalism (in Latin-America), Conervativism and Nationalism (original, no fascist). - Technologics levels +65 - New flags in some countries. - Three world powers: USA (Libertarism), UK (Conservativism) and China (Nationalism). - 100% Republics and Democracy, no monarchy. Historical Context: In the Second World War, the USSR and allies along with the axis powers formed an alliance between national socialists and international socialists, after that, many countries in Latin America and the Middle East joined with the allies to defeat the collectivism that emanated from the collectivist alliance of the Soviet axis. The fascists and Marxists were defeated by the overwhelming superiority of the allies. DOWNLOAD!!!
  5. Hello community! I present a small contribution in this section, the Euroasian Union! Download: Euroasian Civilization.
  6. Che, esa foto que tenes de perfil estaba en la carpeta de leadersIMG no? jajajja
  7. yes! I downloaded your mod and as I saw that nobody put it, well, I took advantage! sorry for not putting the respective credits. I did not know you had an account here, sabit.
  8. The tv serie "The man in High Castle" based in a hypotetical scenario where the nazis and japaneses won the WW2. Dowload link! AOC1. The Man in High Castle
  9. Si, es por las provincias del juego, pobre Tucumán ajajaj. Cuando salga el editor de mapas completo, veré la posibilidad de agregar a Tucumán y a la vez estructuro todas las provincias como en la vida real, no se si viste que Jujuy no es una bota, o Buenos Aires tiene el oeste conectado con La Pampa xd. Gracias por opinar.
  10. esto es muy triste, podemos poner she don´t give a fo? xD
  11. Ya está disponible el link de descarga de la versión 1.0!!!
  12. You have to go to: steam> steamapps> Age of civilizations II> game> civilizations informations, and choose the civilization you want to edit the name. If you want to edit your language, you have to go to the "language" folder and go to the subfolder "civilizations" and choose the "bundles" folder that your language has, for example: "bundle_ru"
  13. In the civilization creator, will you add a .png image opener for flags or overlays?
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    I'm argentinian y me muero de calor!!!!
  15. Es un proyecto aún en el desarrollo, cuando se cumpla con la creación de los líderes. Aclaré que es un proyecto cuya descarga está disponible en el mismo momento cuando tenga al menos el 80% terminado, pero calculando estoy en el 60%.
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    Por fin me siento en casa, les juro, mi ingles es re básico y dependo mayormente del google traductor ajajaj
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    I also tried yesterday to create my own ideology with this method that you taught! the first ideology: liberalism, went well, then I created my own that would be a patriotic branch of the first but it went wrong and connected with the communist ...
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