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    No all countries

    Yes, PC, bought on steam. Every youtuber that has countries that i don't have scenario from 2018 instantly i only have 2014 one. There is no "normal scenario i should get" to download on this site. If you could upload your secenarios to me i would appriciate it.
  2. ExyY

    No all countries

    Yes, there are no countries i said in modern day sccenario. It says the modern day scenario is in 2014 and i have only 2 scenarios. 2014 one and 530bc or something.
  3. ExyY

    No all countries

    Hey, I just bought your game, and I have a problem. I see a lot of youtubers having countries like Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo etc. I have only Serbia in Yugoslavia shape. Please I want other countries :(
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