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  1. Because some problems, the Demo will change era and place. Sorry 😅, But also I created the system where you can change civilization ingame 😃
  2. Welcome, here you can chill, relax and drink some Bloody Mary.
  3. I started working with the Demo. The Demo will show Iberian Reconquista from 625 to the year 1100. The main map is done. Maybe the final year will change.
  4. Im starting to work in ToC demo

  5. Time of Civilizations-Topic ToC is a great scenario that is being developed by JPM. In one single stage will be the whole History of Human Civilization. From the dawn of civilization through empires that rise and fall, to today and the tomorrow. Next Features Many Events, Historical ones, even diferent paths for some special nations. New Civilizations. A new system made by events, where you can change your nation every 100 Years if you want. A new system aganist Overexpansion but without limiting you to play. Progress Working in the Demo, based on Mesopotamia, where you will see Hordes and how Empires are created and fall. This means that we will have new Civilizations inside the Game. MESOPOTAMIA EDITION (Without Events) OUT In this Small Scenario, you can play in 1500BCE in the Middle East. From the Hittites to Egypt. There is a HRE, "Mesopotamia" where you can try to be the Emperor of the Entire Middle East. Also it has some minor Nations which could be very hard to play. But well, you decide with who you are going to play. 😁 ToC-Mesopotamia Edition without Events by JPM.zip
  6. I arrived, I'm JPM-Stalin. I followed all the process of the game in what was Google Plus and even gave ideas. Currently I'm entering the forum because before I was busy. Lets see this.

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