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  1. I love the work you do for us. Amazing developper !!
  2. The problem i have with this game is building. my suggestion is select the building we want and then select all the provinces we want to build on, if we run out of money ,we can't add another province to build on it this will help to build more buildings EDIT: sorry for poor english hope you understood 🙂
  3. Maybe he add multiplayer but it hosts on our PC ? like most indie developers does
  4. Wyxy

    Trade Request

    what do you mean with "Core" cause i don't play AoC2 at english lol
  5. Wyxy

    Trade Request

    What do you mean with "Core"?
  6. Wyxy

    Trade Request

    AI never accept trade request when you ask them for 1 province and you give them 10 provinces or more and even when there is gold... they only accept when you are only one to give. I'm not sure if its a bug but its nervous, there is a land of my ally in middle of all my provinces and i want to get it and i give him like 5 6 provinces of mine + 70000 gold but they never accept.. is it a bug or not?
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