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  1. Adri

    Extrange rebellion

    I was playing as Luxembourg and I conquer all the world. I lower the happiness of the country and the rebellions started. But suddely, a strange thing happened. About a half of my provinces change or color and became a fascist Luxembourg. Why?
  2. Adri

    0 relationship bug

    if I start a new game I loose my progress 😅
  3. Adri

    0 relationship bug

    Hi, I have a problem with my most advanced games. When I play many turns, my relationship with other civilizations changes to 0 and it does not move anymore.
  4. Adri


    Why I can change the goverment to one I had in the past? For example: I started a game with Oda. I form Japan and the goverment changes to democracy. I change the goverment to fascism, but now I can't change the goverment to Democracy again. Why?
  5. Adri

    Modern World Map

    Can't he just use WinRAR to créate a .zip file? I used WinRAR and I remember that it can create .zip files.
  6. Adri

    Modern World Map

    can you send it with 7zip or in .zip file? Thanks
  7. Adri

    Modern World Map

    Hello Can someone give me the "Modern World" map file? Thanks
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