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  1. Adri

    Extrange rebellion

    I was playing as Luxembourg and I conquer all the world. I lower the happiness of the country and the rebellions started. But suddely, a strange thing happened. About a half of my provinces change or color and became a fascist Luxembourg. Why?
  2. Adri

    0 relationship bug

    if I start a new game I loose my progress 😅
  3. Adri

    0 relationship bug

    Hi, I have a problem with my most advanced games. When I play many turns, my relationship with other civilizations changes to 0 and it does not move anymore.
  4. Adri


    Why I can change the goverment to one I had in the past? For example: I started a game with Oda. I form Japan and the goverment changes to democracy. I change the goverment to fascism, but now I can't change the goverment to Democracy again. Why?
  5. Adri

    Modern World Map

    Can't he just use WinRAR to créate a .zip file? I used WinRAR and I remember that it can create .zip files.
  6. Adri

    Modern World Map

    can you send it with 7zip or in .zip file? Thanks
  7. Prueba a iniciar una nueva partida, juega un rato, guárdala (si quieres) y después carga la partida que no cargaba al principio. A mi me funciona.
  8. Adri

    Modern World Map

    Hello Can someone give me the "Modern World" map file? Thanks
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