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  1. I believe that if Lukasz is really going to do another game, be it the citybuilder or supposedly AoH3, my number one tip is get a development team!!! If he wants to make a quality game, more profitable even, he cannot do it by himself. And he needs to redeem his infamy and lost community in order to be popular again, nobody is going to buy his newer games if he keeps his actual ways.
  2. Fixed, the images, when shared here, do not have their original resolution. I have uploaded now a .rar file which contains the proper images. Sorry! and enjoy the background
  3. Simple and Soft Background To install, backup and replace AoC2_L and AoC2_R in map/backgrounds, then replace with Simple and Soft background images. backgrounds.rar
  4. Second Sino-Japanese war with lots of events and maybe a new east asia map
  5. Will it be permanent or temporary?
  6. I doubt he will ever answer sadly, but yeah I wonder why he's doing that. The first one may have been due to copyright, but this one seems like due to "Age of Civ 2" sounding too bad comments.
  7. Oh no, now you need to fix the title, it's not Age of Civilizations II anymore, it's Age of Civ 2. Same goes for all mods I guess!
  8. Comrade this is because the game is Communist, and there is no "I" in communism!
  9. Diarios del Desarrollador 28/10/20 Hola, de nuevo. He estado trabajando en algunas mecánicas nuevas y corrigiendo otras. Mi intención es plantear todas las mecánicas para luego hacer todos los eventos e historias para finalizar el escenario. Les mostraré una nueva mecánica que implementé: Proyectos Estatales Mientras creaba y probaba el escenario tenía una pregunta: ¿cómo se podría hacer un sistema de decisiones? En el juego los eventos te salen de repente en su fecha correspondiente, pero no hay exactamente una pestaña en la que puedas elegir decisiones como "crear un instituto
  10. This is amazing. I have always wanted to play a map with this tilted effect, looks like a globe. I hope you can achieve this! I would play it immediately.
  11. did you make your profile or used some photo and photoshop it ?

    1. CassalettIV


      It's an image of Thurston the meme cat, but I just added a military cap png to it.

    2. davidtjk


      well do you have permission do use that or are that is cc-by-sa 4.0

    3. CassalettIV


      AFAIK that thing lets me use the material and edit it, giving the credit where its due of course

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