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  1. Hmm so maybe its that the AI indeed uses all diplomacy options but the chances are too bugged or low for it to happen between two bots. It seems that the whole diplo is also bugged, AI offers coalitions for below 100 gold lol.
  2. I don't think so. I have played a lot and never saw one doing so.
  3. Scenario folders are never named after their in-game name. You will figure which one is the one you're looking for by checking their modification date, or open them and check their map preview image, you will recognize it.
  4. I think he meant "oof" lol. Nice conquest btw
  5. Hey Kokakola I can help you with some events if you want
  6. We know but we want AoC2, so much potential lost, and even revenue if that is the matter.
  8. Hey Lukasz you're 3rd all time popular leaving Lonathan behind congrats.

  9. Interesting Nations List This is a list of fun and challenging nations to play as in different eras. Note that when I say "challenging" I could put any 1 province nation, however they are not really difficult, as they are commonly between weak one province nations so nobody is a threat. Modern World: -Germany: A player-favourite nation, hey it's old and maybe overrated Germany. You can go whatever path you want, you are surrounded by either weaker or stronger nations for a challenge, you have many formable nations, and a good eco and pop for your conquests. Watch out for Russia, stop its eastern expansion before the beast becomes too big. -Colombia: Hey who expected you here? Who are you? Anyways, for a South American nation, I could have put Brazil, but why Colombia? That nation has a two formable nation path: form Republic of New Granada then Gran Colombia. It also has same strength nations as neighbours for a good challenge, can take the caribbean, and centroamerica. But what makes it interesting is that you will have to face three giants: USA, Mexico, Brazil. You see, if you were to play as one of those, what's the challenge? If you were to play as another south american nation, there's no double formable or good connections, Colombia can go to many places due to its position. -Iran: The Persian Empire! That is if you go fascist. You have a lot of prey west and east, but if you expand a lot to both sides, there's danger! Russia and China could attack and that's prob a goodbye if early. The borders you get when you conquer the middle east are nice. But hey, there's a neighbour that can be as fun as you, and that is... -Turkey: ah, Turks... Where the best AoC2 mods come from, am I right? Similar as Iran, but you get the Balkans as an extra, although watch out for European great powers. -South Africa: you get to conquer Africa down to up, you have Lesoto as a gift, good starting economy, basically what makes it better than other African options is its strength and position, so if you want to go continent conquest South Africa is the best pick. Watch out for the Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria, they are pretty strong too. World War II: Probably the best scenario, a lot of people start really strong. This means there's no challenge? No! Even OP France will have to face powerful guys like the Germans and Italians, Soviets, or the USA (it's AoC2 lol) demanding careful turns to avoid your fall. -Communist China: There's something really fun about reuniting China, and even more if it's CC in WW2 scenario. This nation is very, very hard. You're in a race against time before Manchukuo, Japan, and Nationalist China get the land you need, or before one of them becomes too strong for you to face. You can go the "cheap" way: union with China, but hey, that's sacrilegious, PLEASE DON'T. -Poland: Calm down it's not a Paradox game, you can survive. Poland has a lot of nations to catch and nice formable nations. You will have to find a way to keep the Soviets and Germany happy early, otherwise it's a quick goodbye. This makes for really interesting and challenging games. Germany: like Modern World, but France is stronger. Italy: no description, just a quick strategy: LEAVE AXIS. Damn Germany will drag you to war against Allies before 50 turns. Annex the Balkans and Spain, then go against the Allies. If Germany is dead it becomes a little hard, it means Africa is stronger. War in Africa is really annoying too, but still, feels good to be the dominant Axis nation of WW2. Victorian Era: Like WW2, everyone is so OP. Perhaps the scenario with the most OP nations, some of them can have really fun games. -USA: Finally you're interesting. You have two giants at the border: Mexico and UK. You will start in a race to manifest destiny, colonize all rightful American soil before UK takes it. Avoid war with Mexico until you have a ready border. Annex Texas before Mexico. After that, you can expand anywhere you want, though you feel done at this point. -Mexico: Two words: Destroy USA. That's your main goal, but you can also go south and form a huge Mexican Empire. Muy chingón. -Prussia: Europe is full of OP nations, but Prussia has a bunch of small neighbours, go form German Empire then start WW1 for the lolz. The Great Powers make it for a tough challenge, a war with one of those will give you a long and painful war. 1440: AoC2 main scenario, there's over 400 nations to play as but a few are really fun. -France: the french bois are in a tough situation here. You have a bunch of people who hate you. But you know who likes you? Scotland. You know what that means. As soon as the game starts increase relations, ally, then kick UK butt, they deserve it haha. But watch out, you're not done yet. Castille, Aragon, Burgundy, Brittany, Austria. While you fight one of them, the others can strike, so watch out. France is a fun, hard, and interesting nation to play as. -Brandenburg: Prussia. But before that, you will have to face a lot of tiny nations (the HRE), while taking care of the powerful eastern nations. Also Sweden can strike at any moment and take your needed land. Austria can annoy you too. -Aztec Empire: gaining all of Mexico is fun. You will have to fight some mid size tribes but after that you're unstoppable. The bad thing is that late game is too easy, but early is very fun. You can take revenge and invade Castille for fun. Well that's it. Post other nations you find interesting and your experience playing as the nations in this list. Have fun!
  10. bruh : )  my project beta download link on the video



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