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  1. One thing that AoC2 needed the most is just a little bit of depth, juuuust a tiny little bit so it does not mess up with what the game's specialty: simple, basic, and easy. 1)Technology: I think technology is great for AoC2 since it can go REALLY far into future, it will also make the game a bit more realistic... just a bit 2)Navy: I also think AoC2 should have separate mechanics on army and navy... and as always... just make the game a liiiiitle bit more realistic.... 3) (EVERYONE's WET DREAM): And of course its MULTIPLAYER(online)!!! So multiplayer should work this way: -The server creator can change any setting he/she wanted. -The time goes by turns, like in AoC2 single player where you can make the turns go by automatically(space bar wont do anything except for closing battle reports) -AND PROFIT sorry for grammar
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