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  1. That could be good too, but I personally feel that you should still be able to move it because it costs quite a bit of money to move the capital so you have to waste money moving it or spend it more on your army.
  2. In AOC1 when you took the capital and held it for 3 turns the rest of the nation would be part of ur country. I feel this mechanic needs to be added to AOC2 with tweaks of course like maybe instead of holding it for 3 turns you need to hold it for 10 turns and instead of the whole country becoming yours you can make peace and receive provinces that you don’t occupy. This would encourage protecting your capital. I know that you can just move your capital but that costs money and could make your income worst so is it really worth it to move your capital or defend it?
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    Get the lite version
  4. The defenders always have the advantage even without forts. This makes sense, and im not complaining about that. However, i feel like you should be able to cut off supplies in an encircling movement while you are on the enemies province. Currently supplies only work if they are on your province and you cut them off, but i feel like the same should happen on defense. This would add strategy to attacks instead of just moving forward with every unit on the border. Thoughts?
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