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  1. I've been away from awhile... and I decided to check back in on some things. So I downloaded the latest version of AoCII (now AoHII due to copyright reasons - apparently) and so far I've noticed two things so far. One being some changes in the event editor - most likely a bug I hope.. which is the inability for events to fire via the date you set the event to trigger. I've tried an earlier version I had laying around to see if I was doing something wrong and to compare. But everything was the same. I set an event to fire at a specific date and in the older game, the event fires no problem
  2. Believe it or not, I was almost able to get proper civil wars to work in the game. For more details, join the discord server: And go to General, then scroll up till you see both of my big messages.
  3. I hope he'll be able add actual civil wars, or at least fix some of the features in the Events editor that could be used to make civil wars possible.
  4. Lukaz abandoned us with a half baked game thats full of bugs, errors, and placebo features that don't work or the code for them isn't there. And the game isn't even open source.so theres little hope of the game being taken over by someone else.
  5. But theres nothing to fix... This is 100% accurate.
  6. What I would like to do (in my costom ww2 scenario) is make it possible to make it to where when a civil war is triggered in some country, both sides have the ability (depending on which side wins the civil war) to annex all of the land that the county had originally.
  7. I suggested that to Lukas (then on Messenger) while AoC2 was in very early dev, but I think he didn't understand what I was saying. He later just ignored us later. But I remember him giving me his email or some other email to send him suggestions to, but I forgot about it. Also, I'd like there to be a way get proper civil wars to work.
  8. Oh ok. Well the events is what I was referring too, but as you noted, they are all still in Russian. So atm its pointless to check it out. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. *would be Cause I don't know how to make it playable in the game. I currently have 60 large tiles that I made, but I don't know how to get the game to register them. The game crashes whenever I try to load it.
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