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  1. If you go to the forums home, you can easily find the programs you are looking for and plenty of tutorials.
  2. Will the AoC2 background, or some better background, be added later?
  3. So it basically adds a few more government types? Well, I have plenty more government types, all with their own symbols as well. However, if someone could tell me how to add government specific nations, that would be great. For example: America as a monarchy becomes the American Empire (I think) and its flag changes as well. I'd like to do more of that with the government types I have, but don't know how.
  4. Now if someone who knows a lot about coding, purhaps as much a Lukas, they could actually improve the game, like fix all the damn bugs.
  5. Theres a lot of broken things about the game. Especially the events. I'd say 80% of it doesn't work, or doesn't have what I need, and has a bunch of useless crap.
  6. This would be great for event triggered civil wars. Where the player gets to decide which side the player wants to play as. Take the Spanish civil war We can easily have it to trigger on a specific date, but thats it. (This is where a player is not involved) The fascist side annexes land from the communist side. Both declare on each other. They fight for a few turns. They either white peace or either side doesn't have enough victory points to fully annex the other side. This irritates me. When a player is playing as Spain, after a few turns the Spanish civil war event triggers with the options "Play as Republican Spain" or "Play as Nationalists Spain" If they pick "Play as RS" the game continues as normal. However, if the player picks "Play as NS" the player will then be playing as NS. And in all cases, whichever side wins will control all of Spain and not just part of it. This is what should happen in any civil war. . .
  7. This is what I have so far. Im not finished yet, but probably won't finish it. So I figured I'd post it here in the mean time. My Suggestions for AoC2.pdf
  8. Now if you could make the whole world made up of these little tiles, that would be great
  9. I have several of my own government types all with their own symbols.
  10. I already have a number of new government types as well the crowns for them.
  11. What do I use to open these files?
  12. Awesome. K. So far I got it up and running, played as the US, and went to war with Russia. But theres a problem. Both Russia and Kazakhstan continue to regain control of the the same provinces, even when there are large armies in it. The armies just disappear and Russia regains control of that tile, with the same happening to Kazakhstan. Also, when the peace treaties don't work. I make my demans and click accept, but in the next turn, nothing happens. Btw, do you have any crowns for the extra government types?
  13. I have. But theres either not enough, or too much. There needs to be more uses for it.
  14. Unfortunately, you are very limited in what you can do. Plus, theres a bunch if usless stuff that probably no one uses.
  15. Desperately need it for what? Assimilation? Other than that and building armies, what else is money used for?
  16. Just make a big fat army, place it along the border of your vessel, then send the ultimatum. works for me almost all the time. But if they decline, i can just eat them up with ease since I already have a big army on their border.
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