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  1. This will definitely offend some people oof.
  2. Hey i could help you with some flags i made and it's resized already.
  3. Can't find own created civilization in the folders
  4. Release the vassal, annex them, have the ideology that you want your vassal to be, release vassal from suggested civilizations that are already shown, it should be communist
  5. There is a country named cnn with fully small letters and haves a question mark as flag
  6. Maybe we could use the flags that are in aoc 2
  7. Yep i did it a month ago as communist Bulgaria Aoc 2 Communist Bulgarian Empire ( 720 X 1280 ).mp4
  8. I can kinda agree in someways if he ends updating the game it means i bought an unfinished game and I can't get that money back also it would be real douche move to build up this big fan base and then just give up on them
  9. NESS

    Releasing Vassals

    I have a solution to this 1. Release any vassal with 1 province 2. Insult them then demand annexation 3. Then release them again from the suggested civilizations that already existed in the scenario and then if you release it, it will be released as your same ideology
  10. I would love to kill ethnicities with German Reich 😉 like *cough* Auschwi- *Gets banned for racism*
  11. A strategy game is only realistic if Italy betrays you if they are within your alliance
  12. So I'm on Android and i need a good image resizer i already modded aoc 2 with flags but they aren't good quality Any good image resizing apps or websites?
  13. So here are my ideas Let us build borders like: Level 1: Iron Fence Level 2: Guarded fence Level 3: A Wall (would be great at east germany and Mexico) Military base: if a nation attacks a province with a military base soldiers by themselves would spawn there Level 1: Military Camp Level 2: Military Camp Level 3: Militarized Zone Weaponized Towers: if a nation attacks it would shoot at them Level 1: Shoot 1 quarter of them Level 2: Shoot half of them Level 3 shoot 3 quarter of them Also ability to build cities in a province Level 1: Village Level 2: City Level 3: Metropolis Level 4: Energy City (Available from 2050) And you could name these cities and only 3 cities max /province. Also cities would make income and population growth bigger and we should be able to build workshop on cities not on provinces
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