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  1. Awesome! However, can you add the "Annexation of Hatay" to the game? @Chexier
  2. I'm planning to make this like diary not like a series with episodes. IDK why. Maybe I can make it with summary episodes.
  3. TIMURID EMPIRE The year is 1440. Shahrukh Mirza, son of Timur, one of the most greatest tacticians in history is dead. Shakrukh's son, Tamerlane's grandson Ulugh Beg became the new leader of this great empire. Ulugh Beg was going to become the man to rise Islamic science again. Ulugh Beg "In rectitude lies salvation"
  4. Ok, sad news again. This time, no problem with the save but with me. Playing with Ojibwe is too boring, I played for 400 turns and only had 1 war. Apologize me but I'm going to play with a new save 😕
  5. EPISODE 2: Azteca 1.1: Aztecans "We arrived at the final point of the river and our master said that there is a sea here. As he said, at the other part of the sea, there is a strong federation called Azteca, and he said that one day, we'll be a strong federation like them. " 1.2: Federation "Our master said that we are a federation now, like Azteca! He also said that we won't migrate anymore, and he said that he is the ruler of us now, we accepted." 1.3: Wichitans "Our mast... *cough* king said that we destroyed evil Wichitans while I was sleeping. Hoora
  6. EPISODE 1: Migrating 1.1: Treasury An Ojibwe: "Our master says that we are very rich, we are the richest in the world and that richness is given to us by the God, by the way I realized that I can't get bread for 2 days so we eat grass instead of bread, however Long Live our Master!" 1.2: Migration "We have been migrating for years I spotted that there are too many lakes in our region." "We found a river after thousands of days. But it is too hot here."
  7. We don't have a lore, but we are going to have a lore! Long Live Ojibwe! (I couldn't find a lore, sorry 🙂 )
  8. All of my screenshots of AoC suddenly disappeared. I think that's the end of a story that didn't begin 😕
  9. 6 February 1836. Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies is suddenly found dead on his bed. His possible heir, little Francis was born only 18 days ago. Chaos quickly got the Two Sicilies. Suddenly, a noble man who doesn't come from a royal family appeared: Francesco di Vincento. He reigned himself as the new king of the Two Sicilies. Nobody said nothing because people knew that their country won't get strengthened if they don't have a ruler. So they accepted Francesco as their new ruler. Francis the Second was the new ruler of the Two Sicilies. The European states didn't like this news however he go
  10. Balamber Khan


    what are the bonuses that being the hre king gives us?
  11. I think it should be called as Theocracy to make it general.
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