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  1. Yeah Polish doesn't exist Also if you need help I can
  2. Anyone would be interested in an Alternative WW2 Scenario created by me? I am making a WW2 Scenario for myself. The main idea of it is to have a really fun and interesting WW2 scenario while keeping the game as clean and vanilla as possible. Anyone would be interested in the scenario? If there's enough people who would like to see it I could post it down here in the future.
  3. So maybe we could unite all communities to create something like this? As I said the work done by Turkish AOC could be used for this greater mod. For example, my favourite part of this would be making out the actual great scenario using events. Anyone else wants to maybe join in?
  4. I have an idea - A crazy one but an idea. What if many modders come together and make one massive mod for AOC2? Even if the game is going to die because of no updates, we can make like a road to 56 of AOC2. I am thinking of a massive scenario ranging from the 900-1000 to WW2. If anyone knows if there's a limit to the events, it would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas or info you might have on something like this you can post here. You can also post if you wanna join in on the project and help out with something (eg pictures, events, map, etc.).
  5. Napoleon, Rzym, Aleksander Wielki, Wiek Czyngis Khana i Mongolii, Kaiserreich, itp. itd.
  6. We need more modders. Don't give up on the game because Łukasz is working on AOC3, we have a long wait and the community needs more content!

    1. Edisonek


      Czekaj,co?Przecież Łukasz pracuje nad Ios



  7. From what I know Łukasz is already working on AOC3 and my theory says that it's gonna be an actual hardcore strategy game, unlike the extremely casual AOC1 and the hybrid AOC2. For all I know it will probably destroy any Paradox game if it won't include DLC that cost nearly 1/3 of the game's price. I doubt AOC2 will get an update. I doubt it will get Steam Workshop. It doesn't need updates since we got modders, and we don't need Steam Workshop since we all upload our mods here. The big problem with AOC2 at the moment is that the community is dead as it gave up on the game, thinking Łukasz already abandoned it and started working on AOC3. I am still gonna try and mod for AOC2 and hope others too will mod AOC2 until AOC3 is released and we all transition onto it. AOC3 will definitely not release before 2020 so we have a LONG wait and people not making mods will further kill the community.
  8. ($Jake$)

    Armys disapear

    That does happen to me aswell. When you have a massive army of 150,000+ troops and then skip turns too quickly they just simply disappear. I remember that if you wanted to create an Ultimatum, it would still count all of those troops it disappeared so now magically I had 250,000 at the cost of 0 troops.
  9. Big man with a big monopoly. Soon all forums will be under Łukasz. Then, he will *SNAP* all of the forums away and only leave ageofcivilizationsgame.com
  10. Back full time into development. Balkans, Southern Italy & Iberia dropping Saturday. Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus & Britain dropping Sunday.
  11. Updated screenshots. Noticed that I nearly doubled the province count since last update. Oops. I am now focusing on the Balkans (please do not kill me once I am finished) and Southern Italy. After I finish the Balkans and Southern Italy, I will move on to Iberia (Spain and Portugal). Thank you for staying around for the extremely long development time of this mod! Hopefully I will have the map done and dusted before summer. That is my ultimate goal.
  12. Small bit of news: I lost the map and had to recreate a good few hundred provinces from the last image I had of it, but now it's back where it was before! This means that there should be an update soon. More news later.
  13. Yes I am still working on this. No worries, I will be able to release an update late march.
  14. not sure, it's gonna take a hell lot of time just getting the current provinces onto the map, let alone all of them. I'm probably gonna make the entire map first and then start slowly creating the provinces into the actual in-game map. At that stage there will be playable updates. That's only gonna be in a month or two, though.
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