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  1. Province map is basically done, I forgot to do Northern Africa so while I make the background map I'm finishing Africa off.
  2. The original province map was 15,000 by 10,000 pixels, I am making the background map at 7,500 by 5,000 pixels. All the provinces are still large enough at 3,500 by 2,500 but anything under that starts screwing up smaller provinces like San Marino, Vatican, Monaco and Liechtenstein. Once the background map is finished, I'm going to copy the province map into it and I'll use that for the editor. I'll use the province-less version for the actual game. This all means that the province map and background maps can be anywhere between 15000x10000 and 3500x2500, with the only difference being a drop in detail (if it's lower) or a drop in performance (if it's higher). For comparison, the current in-game background map is smaller than 2000x1000, and it doesn't seem to be a problem.
  3. I feel pretty confident that I will have a demo version of Greater Europe done by Late April to Early May.

  4. Added a poll feeling that most people would be tired of still waiting for this mod after a year of development. Also, here's a screenshot of the work-in-progress background map. I'm drawing it at 1/2 of the resolution of the province map to save time & make the game run smoother, and in the end it should still look good. I have a few layers of different maps (Height maps, Rivers, etc.) and I draw under them. Sorry for the slow progress of the mod over the past year, it's my first proper mod and I don't put all my time into it as I am a very busy person. Nevertheless, over the next week as I am free of school and work, I will hopefully finish the province & background map and I will start putting in the provinces in the editor. I am confident that I will have a playable version of the mod (even if it's only a small demo!) in May, if not earlier.
  5. I'm in the progress of drawing a background map for the game.
  6. If I wanted a complete province map I'd have to stitch one from the different layers I have in place. Right now I had to backtrack and work on drawing a map of Europe since I realized that I can't be using my province map as the background in-game and that I'll have to draw the provinces from the province map onto an actual geographical map of Europe ://. This will take some time but still it shouldn't take extremely long, like the province map itself did.
  7. Actually shouldn't take too long as I have the province map finished, it's just copying the map I'd put under it which isn't too bad.
  8. I have started putting the provinces in the map editor
  9. I'm finishing off the province map. It should be fully finished by Saturday.
  10. Yes that's going to be the idea, once I'm finished with the map I'll upload a full version of it (or a scaled down one probably since it's so massive) here so you can all use it.
  11. I'm not making it with any other mod compatibility in mind. I'll see when I go along with it but right now I don't have any mod compatibility in mind.
  12. Once I finish the mod and upload the map, I'll let you guys make scenarios for it and upload them on here. That's the kind of community help I'm planning on implementing.
  13. Current progress (I already drew in the Russian Oblasts and started dividing some) Balancing the Northern Countries was hard as I needed them to have a lot of provinces since they're massive, but Sweden has less people than Belgium, and the other countries are even worse off.
  14. >when your post gets a like from Łukasz himself 😳😳 Time to step up my work load. @TimoTheGreat Thanks! Holidays was the main reason I wasn't able to work on the mod during December. Right now I have a back injury so I will be at home way more often and I will be able to work on the map.
  15. VERSION 0.60 - NORTHERN COUNTRIES I came back from Christmas holidays and finished the Northern Countries - Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northern parts of Russia. We're at ~2500 provinces now. All I have left is Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and parts of Africa and I will move onto sea provinces (Which are going to not take too long.) Once I'm done with the entire province map, I'm going to upload the province map here and start creating the provinces in the editor.
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