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Status Updates posted by ($Jake$)

  1. I feel pretty confident that I will have a demo version of Greater Europe done by Late April to Early May.

  2. We need more modders. Don't give up on the game because Łukasz is working on AOC3, we have a long wait and the community needs more content!

    1. Edisonek


      Czekaj,co?Przecież Łukasz pracuje nad Ios



  3. wait thats not much better

  4. nevermind it says duke

  5. i dont wanna be a dyke

  6. neither am i affiliated with donald trumps 2020 campaign

  7. nor am i affiliated with the ilovethisgame2 account

  8. i am not affiliated with the banana account in any shape or form

  9. the ow my eyes award goes to scenarios and maps that are either unrealistic or have so many little states that it ows my eyes

  10. i drank all of my fanta

  11. Hey guys did you ever hear of this thing called Fanta Pink Grapefruit?

  12. We are actually getting multiple Multiplayer topics a day now wow

  13. Found a cool trick. Will post a tutorial how to do it later.

  14. State of Israel? More like State of Is not Real

  15. If you want to keep updated with my stuff, make sure to join the Fight Club.

  16. welcome to my mine

  17. I can play AoCII again finally ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  18. My Graphics Card died and I have the OpenGL problem so I can't play AoCII until I get a new one somewhere in early Jan. Kinda sucks but at least I can be here.

  19. haha i do not sleep


  20. Subscribe to PewDiePie

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