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  1. I know my mapping and I know this would be nice but painful to execute. No single human can execute this in a short amount of time. Also props to the computer that will run it.
  2. I am almost done putting all of the German provinces on the map. I'Ve been working on the in-game map rather than the province one so there are no updates but by March this should be ready.
  3. Problem with it is that it takes days if not weeks to put all of these provinces on the map. While the map takes a long time to draw on it's own, creating the actual provinces in-game is an even bigger task.
  4. Project is going along nicely. I just decided to keep quiet until I can drop one big update with a good chunk of the map done. I have fully finished Poland and moved on to Slovakia, Northern Italy and Southern France.
  5. nice little scenario
  6. wait thats not much better

  7. nevermind it says duke

  8. i dont wanna be a dyke

  9. On the opposite side of the spectrum then you can lower their technology and development to nearly 0.
  10. Only 90s kids will remember this
  11. That also means doing all of the provinces in the editor, but not sure if that's too ambitious
  12. I have almost finished Poland. Alongside the ATDF mod I should be able to upload this map somewhere during the weekend. The map should have all of France, Northern Italy and Poland fully finished by the time I upload it.
  13. This mod got quiet really quickly.
  14. >ukraine >exists yeah thats a no from me
  15. You go into your computer, probably the C disk and then go into program files (on my pc it's in program files x86, you might have different program files folders), steam, steamapps, common, and you should find Age Of Civilizations 2 there.
  16. He said many times that he would add features like this into a game like Age of Civilizations 3. He made clear many times that he doesn't want this game to get too advanced. He is probably going to release a AOC3 and AOC2 will then become almost a perfect balance between AOC1 and 3, being not too casual but not having too many advanced features at the same time. That's what I'm getting from what he's doing anyways. AOC3 will be the real grand strategy game and will actually compare to HOI4. My guess for the price tag will be 10-15 bucks. It will shake up the paradox community even more than AO
  17. Yeah and however we want AOC2 to be like Grand Strategy games, Łukasz simply doesn't want AOC2 to go in that direction. He prefers keeping it at a balance between AOC1 and probably a future AOC3 which will be the actual Grand-Strategy game.
  18. You seriously don't understand my point. My point isn't that he is a small developer that is trying to make a strategy game, my point is that Age of Civilizations IS NOT supposted to be like Hearts of Iron IV or Europa Universalis. Just like there is different types of platformer or shooter games, there are different types of strategy games. Age of Civilizations 1 was an extremely simple and casual but yet fun and sandboxy strategy game. Age of Civilizations 2 took that idea and brought some grand strategy balls to it, making it a somehow working hybrid between an extremely casual but yet
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