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  1. I'm actually working on a new Europe map now Soo I'm working on this again
  2. unistall then reinstall
  3. working on the aoc Asia map with it it will have all original scenarios
  4. theres no brush tool at all everything must be micro manage which is dumb he should add a brush tool
  5. wait arent you the creator of that map gen?
  6. aunitydevteam


    go under game/goverments.json rebels delete the whole chunk
  7. And also if a post was truthful or "hurts" lukasz he'll put it here also he got caught that's why
  8. Because anything good or helpful lukasz will take down
  9. Actually it's a full moon but the screen shot made it half sorry about that
  10. i just like space so i'm starting with the moon
  11. I love how lukasz jakowski can answer that question but can't answer anyone elses questions what a jackass
  12. lol still inactive as shit

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